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Oct-2020Bicarbonate activated hydrogen peroxide oxidation of diclofenac in aqueous solutionStoian, Giuseppe ; Raducan, Adina ; Oancea, Petruta ; Galaon, Toma 
Oct-2020Influences of several factors on the photolysis of epirubicinSoare, Mirabela ; Oancea, Petruta ; Raducan, Adina 
Oct-2020Oxidative degradation of bisphenol a in aqueous solution using bicarbonate activated hydrogen peroxideMinea, Diana ; Raducan, Adina ; Oancea, Petruta ; Galaon, Toma ; Chiriac, Florentina Laura 
2018The photolysis of epirubicin in aqueous mediaSoare, Mirabela ; Oancea, Petruta ; Raducan, Adina