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2007Adverse effects caused by pyrites and sterile dump from central pond area on environmental factors quality – groundwater and surface waterBirlica, Ramona ; Stanescu, Elena ; Nicolau, Margareta ; Petrescu, Marinela ; Cuciureanu, Adriana ; Vidrighin, Monica ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Paun, Iuliana 
2006Highlights of the effects produced on environmental components in an ecological municipal waste landfill areaVasile, Georgiana ; Mitran, Radu ; Rosca, V ; Petrescu, Marinela ; Vidrighin, Monica ; Nicolau, Margareta 
2011Identification of the aquatic ecosystems integrating variables in the Suceava hydrographic basin and their correlationsBatrinescu, Gheorghe ; Birsan, Elena ; Vasile, Georgiana ; Stanescu, Bogdan ; Stanescu, Elena ; Paun, Iuliana ; Petrescu, Marinela ; Filote, C. 
2008Implementation of the conformation measures of the economical agents to the national legislative requirements regarding the limitations of volatile organic compounds emissionsBatrinescu, Gheorghe ; Nicolescu, Ileana ; Petrescu, Marinela ; Nicolau, Margareta 
2012Investigation of landfill gases accumulated in underground (soil/subsoil) nearest municipal waste disposalsStanescu, Bogdan ; Petrescu, Marinela ; Batrinescu, Gheorghe 
2012Investigation of the potential hazards generators in the vicinity of the municipal landfillsStanescu, Bogdan ; Petrescu, Marinela ; Batrinescu, Gheorghe 
2011Waste management indicators – statistical indicators for industrial waste management – criteria for environmental impact assessmentLehr, Carol Blaziu ; Mandricelu, Constantin ; Petrescu, Marinela ; Teodorescu, Cristian