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2012Chemical analysis of metals speciation in water bodies anthropically pollutedBirsan, Elena 
2012Distribution of dissolved and particulate heavy metals in surface water from an area affected by mining activitiesBirsan, Elena ; Constantin, Luca ; Vasile, Georgiana 
2012Evolution of an aquatic ecosystem (the Suceava River) for a 3-year period in terms of ecological dynamicsStoica, Catalina ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Batrinescu, Gheorghe ; Stanescu, Bogdan ; Birsan, Elena 
2011Identification of the aquatic ecosystems integrating variables in the Suceava hydrographic basin and their correlationsBatrinescu, Gheorghe ; Birsan, Elena ; Vasile, Georgiana ; Stanescu, Bogdan ; Stanescu, Elena ; Paun, Iuliana ; Petrescu, Marinela ; Filote, C. 
2012Researches concerning the nature of the ionic species of dangerous pollutants - existing metals in surface waters and transformations undergone by theseBirsan, Elena 
2010Speciation of heavy metals in surface waters polluted by anthropogenic activitiesBirsan, Elena ; Constantin, Luca