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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2023An overview of present treatment and valorification methods used for plastic wasteConstantinov, Florenta Daniela ; Constantin, Mirela Alina 
28-Dec-2022An overview of the most actual methods of pyrite ash valorizationCodreanu, Ana Maria ; Constantin, Mirela Alina ; Kim, Lidia ; Gasnac, Marian 
Sep-2023Physical-chemical and energetic characteristics of three fuels recovered from municipal wasteNicolescu, Ileana ; Constantin, Mirela Alina ; Codreanu, Ana Maria ; Cernica, Georgiana ; Dumitrescu, Irina 
Dec-2023Polysulfone and cellulose acetate-based membranes' potential application to photocatalytic membrane reactorsConstantin, Lucian Alexandru ; Constantin, Mirela Alina ; Ionescu, Ioana ; Puiu, Diana 
2018Possible pathway for ifosfamide degradation via Fe-TiO2 assisted photo catalysisConstantin, Lucian Alexandru ; Constantin, Mirela Alina ; Nitoi, Ines ; Chiriac, Florentina Laura ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Galaon, Toma 
Oct-2020Preliminary experiments on ciprofloxacin degradation via TIO2 assisted photo catalyseConstantin, Mirela Alina ; Constantin, Lucian Alexandru ; Cristea, Ionut ; Galaon, Toma ; Nitoi, Ines 
2014Research on the sound-absorbing properties of new composite materials with some wastesBratu, Mihai ; Dumitrescu, Ovidiu ; Vasile, Ovidiu ; Constantin, Mirela Alina ; Muntean, Marcela 
24-Sep-2021Reuse of photo catalyts for advanced degradation of some recalcitrant pollutants from aqueous systems using uv-vis/tio2 and uv-vis/h2o2/tio2 systemsConstantin, Mirela Alina ; Weil, Jade ; Constantin, Lucian Alexandru 
Jul-2023Trials on ciprofloxacin removal from wastewater using a photocatalytic membrane reactorConstantin, Mirela Alina ; Chiriac, Florentina Laura ; Ionescu, Ioana ; Constantin, Lucian Alexandru 
2022UV-VIS photocatalytic degradation of cyclophosphamide on nitrogen doped TiO2 thin film. Kinetics and possible degradation pathwayConstantin, Mirela Alina ; Constantin, Lucian Alexandru ; Sobetkii, Arcadie ; Chiriac, Florentina Laura ; Cristea, Ionut