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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2022Occurrence and fate of Adsorbable Organic Halogens (AOX) in two WWTPs from RomaniaChiriac, Florentina Laura ; Stoica, Catalina ; Scutariu, Roxana Elena ; Pirvu, Florinela ; Paun, Iuliana ; Iancu, Vasile ; Galaon, Toma ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
29-Sep-2022Physico-chemical evaluation of Ostroveni Lake from Valcea countySpinu, Claudiu Narcis ; Manea, Catalin ; Nicolescu, Ileana ; Stoica, Catalina 
2016Phytotoxicity tests applied on sewage sludge resulted from urban wastewater treatment plantsGheorghe, Stefania ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Stoica, Catalina ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Banciu, Alina 
24-Sep-2021Post-pandemic effects on faecal pollution of aquatic systemsBanciu, Alina ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Stoica, Catalina ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
2016Potentially pathogenic and antibiotic resistant bacteria in the Danube Delta aquatic ecosystemBanciu, Alina ; Niculescu, Daniela ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Stoica, Catalina ; Mihaescu, Grigore 
2015Prevalence of potentially pathogenic microorganisms’ populations associated with benthic macroinvertebrates in Danube – Danube delta systemsBanciu, Alina ; Stoica, Catalina ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai ; Niculescu, Daniela ; Cristofor, Sergiu 
Jan-2020Removal and effects of surfactants in activated sludge systemMitru, Daniel ; Nechifor, Gheorghe ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Banciu, Alina ; Ionescu, Lucian ; Stoica, Catalina ; Ionica, Daniela ; Lucaciu, Irina 
2017Research on microbial degradation/deterioration of plasticsLucaciu, Irina ; Stoica, Catalina ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
2016Risk screening of pharmaceutical compounds in Romanian aquatic environmentGheorghe, Stefania ; Petre, Jana ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Stoica, Catalina ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
2013Romanian aquatic toxicity testing strategy under REACHGheorghe, Stefania ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Stanescu, Elena ; Stoica, Catalina 
2016Screening of various harmful compounds in a new bacterial biological modelNita-Lazar, Mihai ; Galaon, Toma ; Banciu, Alina ; Paun, Iuliana ; Stoica, Catalina ; Lucaciu, Irina 
Nov-2022Sensitivity of pathogenic bacteria strains to treated mine waterStoica, Catalina ; Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Oncu, Voicu ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
2013Spatial and temporal variation of Chlorophyll ‘a’ along the Danube RiverStoica, Catalina ; Paun, Iuliana ; Stanescu, Elena ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Niculescu, Daniela 
2013Structural changes of biological compartments in Danube Delta systems due to persistent organic pollutants and toxic metalsStanescu, Elena ; Stoica, Catalina ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Petre, Jana ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Paun, Iuliana ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Nicolau, Margareta ; Vosniakos, Fokion ; Vosniakos, Konstantinos ; Golumbeanu, Mariana 
Oct-2020The structural difference of bacterial communities between anthropic and natural lakesRadulescu, Dragos ; Vaideanu, Monica ; Banciu, Alina ; Stoica, Catalina ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
Sep-2023Sulfamethoxazole phytotoxic effects on germination and growth of some aromatic plantsHarabagiu, Anca Maria ; Novac, Laura ; Mighiu, Emanuel Daniel ; Fulgheci, Ana Maria ; Radulescu, Dragos ; Banciu, Alina ; Rudaru, Daniel Gheorghe ; Stoica, Catalina ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
2016Systematic assessment of the danube river ecological ecosystems qualityStanescu, Elena ; Scradeanu, Daniel ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Scradeanu, Mihaela ; Stoica, Catalina ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Niculescu, Daniela ; Petre, Jana ; Stanescu, Bogdan 
14-Sep-2022Temporo‑spatial variations in resistance determinants and clonality of Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains from Romanian hospitals and wastewatersGheorghe Barbu, Irina ; Czobor Barbu, Ilda ; Popa, Laura Ioana ; Gradisteanu-Pircalabioru, Gratiela ; Popa, Marcela ; Marutescu, Luminita ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai ; Banciu, Alina ; Stoica, Catalina ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Sandulescu, Oana ; Paraschiv, Simona ; Surleac, Marius ; Talapan, Daniela ; Muntean, Andrei Alexandru ; Preda, Madalina ; Muntean, Madalina Maria ; Dragomirescu, Cristina Cerasela ; Popa, Mircea Ioan ; Chifiriuc, Mariana Carmen 
2014Tools for assessing Danube Delta systems with macro invertebratesStoica, Catalina ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Petre, Jana ; Lucaciu, Irina ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
Jan-2019Total mercury in fish and benthic invertebrates collected from Olt river, RomaniaVasile, Gabriela ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Ene, Corina ; Serban, Ecaterina Anca ; Stoica, Catalina