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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018The Capacity of Lemna Minor L. to accumulate heavy metals (zinc, copper, nickel)Neidoni, Dorian-Gabriel; Nicorescu, Valeria; Andres, Ladislau; Ihos, Monica; Lehr, Carol Blaziu
2008Copper accumulation from tailing revegetation with grasslandAndres, Ladislau; Masu, Smaranda; Dragomir, N.; Bogatu, Corneliu
2016Diclofenac degradation by photocatalytically-assisted electrochemical methodIhos, Monica; Lazau, L; Manea, Florica; Andres, Ladislau; Pode, Rodica
2016Ecological phytostabilization of fly ash dumps with Salix spp. CropNicorescu, Valeria; Masu, Smaranda; Andres, Ladislau; Popa, Maria
2011Electrochemical methods applied to pharmaceutically active compounds degradation from wastewatersIhos, Monica; Botau, Dimitrie; Andres, Ladislau
2012Environmental cadastre and ecological action plan of the Rivers Fehér-Fekete- and Kettős-Körös, (CRISKOR)Andres, Ladislau
2015Fluoride removal from aqueous media by electrogenerated Al(OH)3Ihos, Monica; Andres, Ladislau
2011Fly ash deposits revegetationRus, Valeria; Masu, Smaranda; Andres, Ladislau
2017Industrial waste Fe-Al coagulation agent utilization for wastewater treatmentPascu, Luoana Florentina; Andres, Ladislau; Masu, Smaranda
2018Influence of phosphorus and nitrates on the species development of Lemna Minor L.Neidoni, Dorian-Gabriel; Nicorescu, Valeria; Andres, Ladislau; Ihos, Monica; Dragalina, Mihaela; Iordache, Iuliana; Siminic, Izabela
30-Oct-2009Process for obtaining supported materials of Tuf­-Aln type includes distributing the support material consisting of volcanic tufa into a solution of sodium chloride, preparing a hydrolyzed aluminum solutionMasu, Smaranda; Bogatu, Corneliu; Andres, Ladislau; Rus, Valeria; Botau, Dimitrie; Cocheci, Dan; Ihos, Monica; Demetrovici, Laurentiu; Demetrovici, Ligia; Chira, Dorina
30-Aug-2010Process for treating deep waters for drinking purpose, comprises e.g. preoxidizing iron ions and partially, manganese ions, by treating with chlorine dioxideBogatu, Corneliu; Botau, Dimitrie; Andres, Ladislau; Demetrovici, Ligia; Chis, Diana; Vlaicu, Vasile; Marsavina, Dalila
2015Soil pollution in the HUNGARIAN-ROMANIAN border region (Valley of Körös-Cris Rivers)Duray, Balazs; Nagy, Imre; Andres, Ladislau; Milosevic, Dragan
2017Strategies of closing ecological deposits of ash and slag use energetic plantsNicorescu, Valeria; Masu, Smaranda; Andres, Ladislau; Pascu, Luoana Florentina; Bozan, Cristian; Hollerbach, Wilhelm; Trava, Ion Danut
2018Strategy for ecologically closure of ash and slag deposits using energetic cropsNicorescu, Valeria; Andres, Ladislau; Masu, Smaranda; Pascu, Luoana Florentina; Vlaicu, Ilie; Bozan, Cristian; Hollerbach, Wilhelm; Trava, Ion Danut
30-Oct-2009Treating surface waters for rendering them drinkable, comprises e.g. pre­chlorinating water with specified dose of chlorine for specified period of time and coagulating with aluminum sulfateBogatu, Corneliu; Masu, Smaranda; Botau, Dimitrie; Ihos, Monica; Andres, Ladislau; Rus, Valeria; Cocheci, Dan
2008The use of biosolids mixed with zeolite supports polihidroxizi interspersed with aggregates of Al recovery and soil remediationAndres, Ladislau
2007Utilization of SnO2 anodes to the electrochemical degradation of biorefractory dyesIhos, Monica; Bocea, Gligor; Andres, Ladislau; Manea, Florica