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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Biotic assessment of an aquatic ecosystem affected by mining activitiesStoica, Catalina; Birsan, Elena; Lucaciu, Irina; Gheorghe, Stefania
2012Distribution of dissolved and particulate heavy metals in surface water from an area affected by mining activitiesBirsan, Elena; Constantin, Luca; Cisnovschi, Georgiana
2012Evolution of an aquatic ecosystem (the Suceava River) for a 3-year period in terms of ecological dynamicsStoica, Catalina; Lucaciu, Irina; Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Stanescu, Bogdan; Birsan, Elena
2011Identification of the aquatic ecosystems integrating variables in the Suceava hydrographic basin and their correlationsBatrinescu, Gheorghe; Birsan, Elena; Vasile, Georgiana; Stanescu, Bogdan; Stanescu, Elena; Paun, Iuliana; Petrescu, Marinela; Filote, C.
2011Reduction of organic compounds content of the wastewater milk industry using composite permselective materialsBatrinescu, Gheorghe; Cuciureanu, Adriana; Birsan, Elena
2012Researches concerning the nature of the ionic species of dangerous pollutants - existing metals in surface waters and transformations undergone by theseBirsan, Elena
2011Risk assessment induced by a non-complying landfill of municipal waste to environmental water componentPetrescu, Marinela; Calinescu, Simona; Stanescu, Bogdan; Birsan, Elena; Lucaciu, Irina; Gheorghe, Stefania
2013Spatial and time variation influence of some heavy metal ion species contents on the evolution of ecological riskCalinescu, Simona; Stanescu, Bogdan; Kim, Lidia; Birsan, Elena
2010Speciation of heavy metals in surface waters polluted by anthropogenic activitiesBirsan, Elena; Constantin, Luca