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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Achiral–chiral LC/LC–FLD coupling for determination of carvedilol in plasma samples for bioequivalence purposesMedvedovici, Andrei; Albu, Florin; Georgita, Cristina; Sora, Daniela Iuliana; Galaon, Toma; Udrescu, Stefan; David, Victor
2009Assay of free captopril in human plasma as monobromobimane derivative, using RPLC/ (+)ESI/MS/MS: validation aspects and bioequivalence evaluationMedvedovici, Andrei; Albu, Florin; Sora, Daniela Iuliana; Udrescu, Stefan; Galaon, Toma; David, Victor
2009Benzene/water partition constants and thermodynamic parameters estimated from liquid chromatography retention of some herbicides using phenyl-silica stationary phasePetre, Jana; Iancu, Vasile; David, Victor
2007Determination of nimesulide and its active metabolite in plasma samples based on solvent deproteinization and HPLC-DAD analysisSora, Iulia; Galaon, Toma; David, Victor; Medvedovici, Andrei
2011Deviation from van’t Hoff dependence in RPLC induced by tautomeric interconversion observed for four compoundsGalaon, Toma; David, Victor
2014Effects of large volume injection of aliphatic alcohols as sample diluents on the retention of low hydrophobic solutes in reversed-phase liquid chromatographyDavid, Victor; Galaon, Toma; Aboul-Enein, Hassan
2007Fast RPLC-UV method on short sub-two microns particles packed column for the assay of tenoxicam in plasma samplesSora, Iulia; Galaon, Toma; Udrescu, Stefan; Negru, Jean; David, Victor; Medvedovici, Andrei
2007High-throughput liquid-chromatography method with fluorescence detection for reciprocal determination of furosemide or norfloxacin in human plasmaGalaon, Toma; Udrescu, Stefan; Sora, Iulia; David, Victor; Medvedovici, Andrei
2008Hydrophobicity parameter (log Kow) estimation for some phenolic compounds of pharmaceutical interest from retention studies with mobile phase composition in reversed‐phase liquid chromatographyGalaon, Toma; Medvedovici, Andrei; David, Victor
2011The influence of mobile phase flow-rate in RP-LC on thermodynamic parameters studied for polar compoundsGalaon, Toma; Mihailciuc, Constantin; Medvedovici, Andrei; David, Victor
2012The influence of mobile phase pH on the retention and selectivity of related basic compounds in reversed-phase liquid chromatographyGalaon, Toma; David, Victor
2011The lipophilicity of some hazardous substances estimated by high performance liquid chromatography and computed by various methodsPetre, Jana; Nascu-Briciu, Rodica Domnica; Iancu, Vasile; David, Victor; Sarbu, Costel
2011Prediction of pesticides chromatographic lipophilicity from the computational molecular descriptorsCasoni, Dorina; Petre, Jana; David, Victor; Sarbu, Costel
2010Quantitative correlations between reversed-phase LC data and molecular parameters for some weakly related pesticidesPetre, Jana; Ionescu, Sorana; Hillebrand, Mihaela; David, Victor
2018Rapid voltammetric analysis of monolinuron and linuron herbicidesPopa, Dana-Elena; David, Gabriela Iulia; David, Victor; Ciucu, Alexandru Anton
2014Retention behavior of some compounds containing polar functional groups on perfluorophenyl silica‑based stationary phaseBacalum, Elena; Galaon, Toma; David, Victor; Aboul-Enein, Hassan
2009Retention behaviour of two biguanidines in liquid chromatography based on cyano stationary phaseGalaon, Toma; Tache, Florentin; David, Victor
2013Retention studies for large volume injection of aromatic solvents on phenyl-silica based stationary phase in RP-LCGalaon, Toma; Bacalum, Elena; Cheregi, Mihaela; David, Victor
2013Simultaneous ESI-APCI(+) ionization and fragmentation pathways for nine benzodiazepines and zolpidem using single quadrupole LC-MSGalaon, Toma; Vacaresteanu, Catalina; Anghel, Dan-Florin; David, Victor
2013Thermodynamic study of the liquid chromatography retention process for some pesticides on C8 and C18 silica-based stationary phasesPetre, Jana; Iancu, Vasile; David, Victor