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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Acid mine water treatment using the high density sludge technologyDinu, Laurentiu; Stefanescu, Mihai; Balaiu, Ioan; Cosma, Cristiana; Badescu, Valeriu
2015Activated algae granulation: A biological solution for efficient microalgae harvestingTiron, Olga; Bumbac, Costel; Patroescu, Viorel Ion; Stefanescu, Mihai
2008Advanced Removal of Arsenic Compounds from Aqueous Systems with Complex Pollution Applying Combined Method of Oxidation/Precipitation/Flotation - Tool for Implementation of the Programs for European Legislation Fulfilment in the Frame of Environmental Discharging of Hazardous SubstancesStefanescu, Mihai
2015Advanced removal of organic micro pollutants and microbial load from aqueous systems by sonolysis coupled with classical AOPs processesStefanescu, Mihai
2010Advanced tertiary treatment of municipal effluents in order to reuse them as water for irrigationDumitrescu, Ciprian; Stefanescu, Mihai; Pena-Leonte, Eliza; Bumbac, Costel; Florescu, Sorin; Ghita, Ileana; Nitoi, Ines; Badescu, Valeriu
2007Applying of photolitic processes in advenced degradation of some xenobiotics from municipal wastewaterStefanescu, Mihai; Nitoi, Ines; Nicolau, Margareta; Pena-Leonte, Elisabeta; Cosma, Cristiana; Ballo, Aureliea
2007Applying of photolytic processes in advanced degradation of some xenobiotics from municipal wastewaterStefanescu, Mihai; Nitoi, Ines; Nicolau, Margareta; Pena-Leonte, Elisabeta; Cosma, Cristiana; Ballo, Aureliea
2011Biodegradation of soil polluted with pops (hch and ddt) – results of laboratory trialsDobre, Diana; Cosma, Cristiana; Pena-Leonte, Eliza; Florescu, Sorin; Stefanescu, Mihai; Bumbac, Costel; Niculescu, Daniela
30-Jul-2014Combined chemical and biological process for the remediation of soils polluted with organochlorinated pesticidesStefanescu, Mihai; Bumbac, Costel; Cristea, Ionut; Nicolau, Margareta; Cosma, Cristiana
2017Consideration regarding the influence of workconditions in the pre-settling step of surface water with high content of suspended matterCosma, Cristiana; Stefanescu, Mihai; Dediu, Violeta; Badescu, Valeriu
2011Consideration regarding treatment possibilities of drinking water supplies containing nitrogen compoundsCosma, Cristiana; Nicolau, Margareta; Ballo, Aureliea; Stefanescu, Mihai; Bumbac, Costel
2015Considerations regarding the presence of inorganic disinfection by-products in treated water intended to human consumptionCosma, Cristiana; Badescu, Valeriu; Patroescu, Viorel; Stefanescu, Mihai; Alexie, Mihaela
2015Degradation of natural organic matter from surface water using sonolysisStefanescu, Mihai; Cosma, Cristiana; Cristea, Ionut; Ionescu, Ioana; Bumbac, Costel
2017Determining the optimal operational parameters for denitrification in a biological filterIonescu, Ioana Alexandra; Patroescu, Viorel; Badescu, Valeriu; Stefanescu, Mihai; Cristea, Ionut
2015Drinking water treatment with recovered flocculant from alumina fabrication processStefanescu, Mihai; Cosma, Cristiana; Cristea, Ionut; Nitoi, Ines; Bumbac, Costel; Badescu, Valeriu
2011Elaboration of an integrated management of wastewater/chemical sludge with heavy metal contentStefanescu, Mihai
2016Environmental friendly polyelectrolytes based on biopolymers, obtained by induced grafting with electron beam, for improving of quality parameters of surface waters and wastewaterStefanescu, Mihai
2011Environmental site assessment: evaluation of contaminated soil pollution based on physical-chemical and microbiological analysesStefanescu, Mihai; Dobre, Diana; Bumbac, Costel; Cosma, Cristiana; Florescu, Sorin; Pena-Leonte, Eliza; Gheorghe, Stefania; Grecu, Ioana
2018Groundwater quality from Vaslui CountyPatroescu, Viorel Ion; Ionescu, Alexandra Ioana; Cristea, Ionut; Badescu, Robert Valeriu; Lupu, Giovanina-Iuliana; Stefanescu, Mihai
2010Heavy metals removal using residual fungal biomassBumbac, Costel; Pena-Leonte, Eliza; Dumitrescu, Ciprian; Ghita, Ileana; Stefanescu, Mihai