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30-Nov-1981Residual water­ purifying inorganic complex coagulant prepn. ­ by treating serpentine ore with hot sulphuric acid and sepg. and opt. concentrating acid filtrateCocheci, Vasile; Arpad, Eugen; Lorineti, Atila; Burtica, Georgeta; Ilea, Dorina
30-Nov-1981Titanium­ supported lead di:oxide electrode prodn. ­ by electrodeposition from acid electrolyte on titanium-iron coated with oxidised iron and tin and cobalt oxideRadovan, Ciprian
30-Nov-1982Para-­toluene-­sulphonic acid prepn. ­ by treating di:para-­tolyl­-tri:chloro­ethane prodn. residue, contg. sulphuric acid and toluene­-sulphonic acid, with tolueneDorobantu, Maria; Zlota, Arie; Barca, Elena
30-Nov-1982Di:valent sulphur cpd.­ -contaminated waste water and gas purificn. ­ - by contact with inorganic copper, iron and nickel salt catalystCruceru, Mihail; Craiu, Cornel; Toader, Felicia
30-Jan-1983Silver and support recovery from photosensitive material waste comprises silver halogenation, silver halide solubilisation, silver sepn. by electrolysis and gelatin removalCruceru, Mihail; Licaret, Constantin; Duda, Sanda; Petrescu, Marinela
30-Jan-1983Zinc recovery from artificial fibre prodn. acidic waste waters ­ comprises two step pptn. with sodium hydroxide and then sodium carbonate soln.Cruceru, Mihail; Chircu, Seia; Craiu, Cornel
28-Feb-1983Variable speed continuous simultaneous multiple liquids dispenser­-has telescopic feed tube and flexible vent pipes with travel provided by helicoidal screw.Zlota, Arie; Dorobantu, Maria; Anistoroaie, Viorica
30-Aug-1983Lead di:oxide electrode with titanium support comprises lead nitrate bath treated element with a preliminary mixed chromium and titanium oxide conducting layerRadovan, Ciprian; Cocheci, Vasile
30-Jan-1984Magnetite prepn. by oxidn. of cast iron chips in ammonium nitrate aq. soln. and hydrochloric acidTeodorescu, L.; Iliescu, Mircea; Alexandres, C.; Alexandres, A.
28-Feb-1984Highly pure para-toluene-sulphonic acid mono:hydrate prepn. from sulphuric acid contg. para-toluene-sulphonic acid by mixing with water, cooling, filtration and crystallisation stepsDorobantu, Maria; Zlota, Arie; Barca, Elena; Anistoroaie, Viorica; Cosaveanu, A.; Dumitrescu, I.
30-Jun-1984Metallic mercury recuperator for aq. solns. and gases ­ consists of homogeniser before a column packed with metal and alloy wasteCruceru, Mihail; Nicolau, Margareta; Duda, Sanda; Curcareanu, N.
30-Sep-1984Highly pure para-toluene-sulphonic acid prepn. by sulphonating toluene with conc. sulphuric acid at atmos. pressureDorobantu, Maria; Zlota, Arie; Barca, Elena; Anistoroaie, Viorica
30-Sep-1984Phosphate recovery from residual acidic waters by consecutive neutralisation first with chalk or lime and then lime, with pptn. of calcium phosphateCruceru, Mihail; Dumitrescu, Emil; Parmac, Sorin; Coroiu, Cornel; Costov, Ioan
30-Oct-1984Treating residual acidic waters from chemical fertiliser industry with phosphorus and opt. phospho-gypsum by use as reagent and creation of high calcium carbonate contentCruceru, Mihail; Coroiu, Cornel; Parmac, Sorin; Dumitrescu, Emil; Costov, Ioan
30-Apr-1985Copper recovery from electrical engineering industry waste consists of electrolysis of copper nitrate soln. using metal cathode and graphite anodeCruceru, Mihail; Licaret, Constantin; Duda, Sanda
28-Jun-1985Purifying residual water contg. organic substances by adding urea and formaldehyde, sepg. the resin by filtration or sedimentation and purifying the water biologically after neutralisingParmac, Sorin; Buliga, A.; Chiru, Epsica; Dumitrescu, Emil; Costov, Ioan; Cruceru, Mihail; Varlam, C.; Pristavu, N.
30-Jul-1985Purifying residual industrial waters contg. organic contaminants by initial incomplete purificn. with catalytic redox system followed by complete biological purificn. with active sludgeCruceru, Mihail; Licaret, Constantin; Teodorescu, Lavinia
30-Jul-1985Water coagulation consists of multistage processing at different aciditiesCocheci, Vasile
30-Aug-1985Recovering coagulant from treating residual waters by dissolving hydroxide formed, residual and unused acid, adding and formaldehyde, washing aminoplast and reusing waterParmac, Sorin; Buliga, A.; Cruceru, Mihail; Dumitrescu, Emil; Costov, Ioan; Ghiorghiu, G.
30-Aug-1985Desulphurising liquids and gases ­ by combined oxidn.­redn. and chemo-­sorption by passing over metal shavings, contg. iron, carbon, silicon, sulphur and chromiumCruceru, Mihail; Craiu, Cornel; Nicolau, Margareta; Cosma, Cristiana; Lazarut, P.