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30-May-1986Spent active carbon regeneration ­ by wetting with sodium hydroxide soln., extn. of organic load with methanol, methanol recovery and washingCruceru, Mihail; Nicolau, Margareta; Ballo, Aureliea; Cosma, Cristiana
30-May-1986Two-step spent active carbon regeneration ­ by treatment with sodium hydroxide soln. and then washing with sodium metabisulphite soln.Cruceru, Mihail; Nicolau, Margareta
30-Aug-1986Chemiluminescent mixt. ­ contg. phenyl ester derivs. of oxalic acid in which aromatic hydrogen atoms are substd.Dumitrescu, Emil; Craiu, Cornel; Costov, Ioan; Blaga, Iulian
30-Sep-1986Prepn. of oxalate(s) of di:phenyl or bis­O­nitrophenyl ­ obtd. by condensn. of methyl (I) phenoxide(s) and oxalyl­chloride, in benzene or tolueneAnghelescu, N.; Dumitrescu, Emil; Costov, Ioan; Parmac, Sorin; Craiu, Cornel
30-Sep-1986New chemiluminescent cpds. ­ based on bis­-chloro­-carbomethoxy­- or carbo:butox-y­phenyl­-oxalate(s)Anghelescu, N.; Dumitrescu, Emil; Craiu, Cornel; Costov, Ioan; Parmac, Sorin
29-Oct-1986Chemiluminescence tester for underwater research, etc. ­ consists of PVC cylinder with three parallel photovoltaic cells and aluminium coilDumitrescu, Emil; Costov, Ioan; Blaga, Iulian; Ias, Ioan
15-Sep-1988Recuperation of silver from photosensitive material waste ­ consists of washing with sodium hydroxide soln., sludge separation, and alkaline fluxing after dryingParmac, Sorin; Costov, Ioan; Trestioreanu, F.; Beleaua, Victor; Polgar, I.; Stanciu, M.
10-Nov-1988Extn. process for removal of aromatic amine(s) ­ from residual watersNicolau, Margareta; Stan, D. E.; Craiu, Cornel; Curcaneanu, Nicolae; Georgescu, F.; Curcaneanu, S.
30-Mar-1990Purificn. of urban waste waters ­ using oxidn.­redn. and coagulatio -­flocculation stageCraiu, Cornel; Cruceru, Mihail; Nicolau, Margareta; Cosma, Cristiana; Ballo, Aureliea; Demetrescu, A.; Nita, M.; Sendrea, George
30-Jul-1990Purifying effluents ­ from naphthol and naphthyl ­methyl­ carbamate prodn.Nicolau, Margareta; Greere, M.; Fercala, D.; Roibu, C.; Curcaneanu, Nicolae; Serdarescu, D.
30-Oct-1990Removal of warfarin and hydroxy-­coumarin contaminants ­ from effluents by formaldehyde condensn. in acidic mediumRehner, Elena; Craiu, Cornel; Nicolau, Margareta; Cilianu, S.
30-Apr-1991Method of monitoring surface water quality ­ which uses modules each provided with flow meter and thermostat while deionised water filtered and distributed into fish tanksLiculescu, Emil; Pena-Leonte, Eliza; Boghici, Marian; Sufragiu, Mircea; Ias, Ioan; Popescu, D.; Petre, M.
30-Jun-1997Quantitative determination of major cadmium and zinc content of basic zinc@ alloys ­ comprises separating cadmium and zinc by selective elution on ion exchange resin, breaking up sample, adjusting acidity, retaining cadmium and zinc, etc.Debiasi, Rodica
30-Sep-1998Treating effluent ­ resulting from washing woolRadovan, C.; Lungu, E.; Schultz, F.; Cocheci, Vasile; Nicolau, Margareta
30-Sep-1998Treatment of effluent resulting from wool washing process ­ comprises physico­-chemical treatment for destabilizing emulsified systems formed and biological treatment of separated aqueous phaseNicolau, Margareta; Teodorescu, Maria; Grosu, Ecaterina
29-Dec-2000Process for fast cleaning of effluent from coal worksTeodorescu, Maria; Grosu, Ecaterina; Marhan, Rodica; Grindean, Cornel
29-Dec-2000Process for treatment of effluent from oil extraction industryDraghici, Ecaterina; Cosma, Georgeta; Cosma, Cristiana; Ballo, Aureliea; Nicolau, Margareta; Toma, Dorina; Balalia, Ancuta; Mitila, Stefania
29-Jan-2001Cleaning medicines synthesis waste water consists of flocculation and biological removal of organic impurities in nitrification filterCosma, Georgeta; Nicolau, Margareta; Ballo, Aureliea; Duda, Sanda
30-Apr-2001Physico chemical cleaning of oil refinery waste water consists of controlled coagulation and flocculation, with up to 0.5 per cent by volume of sludgeMunteanu, Rodica; Arama, Madalina Georgeta; Popa, Iulian; Nicolau, Margareta; Georgescu, Cristian; Usurelu, Ion
30-Aug-2001Dehydration of refinery effluent cleaning based sludge consists of flocculation by methacrylate based polyelectrolyte, and centrifugationMunteanu, Rodica; Arama, Madalina Georgeta; Popa, Iulian; Toader, Felicia; Ionascu, Cristina; Georgescu, Cristian