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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Eco toxicity assessment of hazardous substances on sediment / soil microorganisms using microbiotest methodsGheorghe, Stefania
2012Eco toxicity determination of amphoteric cationic surfactants and risk assessment generated on aquatic environmentGheorghe, Stefania
2016Eco-innovation, a business approach towards sustainable processes, products and servicesSzilagyi, Aida; Churican, Andrei; Verniquet, Anne; Rochat, David
2016Eco-technologies for obtaining aminoacid based surfactantsChican, Irina Elena; Varasteanu, Dana Simona; Oproiu, Loti Cornelia; Doncea, Maria Sanda
2016Eco-technologies for obtaining carbohydrates based surfactantsVarasteanu, Dana Simona; Chican, Irina Elena; Oproiu, Loti Cornelia; Doncea, Maria Sanda
2017ECOLIB, Library of National R&D Institute for Industrial Ecology, an on-line tool for environmental topics areaVasile, Gabriela; Popescu, Ionut Radu; Iamandi, Theodor; Lidia, Kim; Maxim, Calin; Stoica, Catalina; Ionescu, Ioana; Tiron, Olga; Gheorghe, Stefania; Simion, Marius
2013Ecological assessment of mobile cadmium in sediments from cartej mining site, Hunedoara country, RomaniaVasile, Gabriela; Kim, Lidia; Gheorghe, Stefania; Stanescu, Bogdan
2012Ecological composite materials for noise reductionBratu, Mihai
2016Ecological phytostabilization of fly ash dumps with Salix spp. CropNicorescu, Valeria; Masu, Smaranda; Andres, Ladislau; Popa, Maria
2018Ecological risk prediction in relation to the potential detrimental consequences at disposal of different industrial wastesKim, Lidia; Arama, Georgeta Madalina
2018Ecological technologies for bauxite residue storage and value opportunities for its use in chemical and civil engineering purposes and value opportunities for its use in chemical and civil engineering purposesDobra, Gheorghe; Filipescu, Laurentiu; Anghelovici, Nicolae; Iliev, Sorin; Alistarh, Vicol; Cotet, Lucian; Boiangiu, Alina
2012Economic and social progress in harmony with the environment, through knowledge based developmentConstantin, Lucian
2016The economics of recycling as premise of circular economy: from govermental support to functional marketsBran, Florina; Ioan, Ildiko; Radulescu, Carmen Valentina
2013Ecotoxicological behaviour of some cathionic and amphoteric surfactants (biodegradation, toxicity and risk assessment)Gheorghe, Stefania; Lucaciu, Irina; Paun, Iuliana; Stoica, Catalina; Stanescu, Elena
2010Ecotoxicological effect of pharmaceutical chemicals on aquatic organismGheorghe, Stefania; Lucaciu, Irina; Iancu, Vasile; Petre, Jana; Grumaz, Rozalia
2008Ecotoxicological studies to control hazardous substances priority for environmental risk assessment (toxicity bioassays)Rusu, Gentiana
2016Ecotoxicological tests used as warning system for Danube Delta quality assessmentGheorghe, Stefania; Stoica, Catalina; Paun, Iuliana; Lucaciu, Irina; Nita-Lazar, Mihai; Cristofor, Sergiu
2015Effect of Cr Pic supplementation in layers’ diet enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids, on productive performances and egg quality traitsCornescu, Gabriela Maria; Criste, Rodica Diana; Grosu, Horia; Panaite, Tatiana Dumitra; Untea, Arabela; Cruceru, Liliana
2016Effect of layer diets enriched in Omega-3 fatty acids supplemented with Cu on the nutritive value of the eggsPanaite, Tatiana; Criste, Rodica Diana; Ropota, Mariana; Cornescu, Gabriela Maria; Alexandrescu, Daniela Cristiana; Criste, Virgil; Vasile, Gabriela; Olteanu, Margareta; Untea, Arabela
2018Effect of the support on the catalytic activity of copper oxide in methane combustionPopescu, Ionel; Tanchoux, Nathalie; Tichit, Didier; Marcu, Ioan-Cezar