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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Kinetic and mechanism of TNT degradation by UV-VIS photocatalysis on iron doped TiO2Nitoi, Ines; Cristea, Nicolae Ionut; Constantin, Mirela Alina; Constantin, Lucian Alexandru
2015Kinetics and mechanism of chlorinated aniline degradation by TiO2 photocatalysisNitoi, Ines; Oancea, Petruta; Cristea, Ionut; Constantin, Lucian; Nechifor, Gheorghe
2016Kinetics of 5-fluorouracil degradation by heterogenous TiO2 photocatalysisConstantin, Lucian Alexandru; Nitoi, Ines; Cristea, Ionut; Oancea, Petruta
2017Kinetics of Cyclophosphamide and Ifosfamide Degradation from Aqueous System via TiO2 Assisted PhotocatalysisConstantin, Lucian Alexandru; Cristea, Ionut; Nitoi, Ines; Constantin, Alina Mirela; Nechifor, Gheorghe
2013Knowledge based sustainable development strategy of Suceava countyConstantin, Lucian; Nicolau, Margareta; Teodorescu, Cristian
2017Laboratory studies on accidental pollution and soil remediation techniquesPopa, Maria; Negoita, Loredana Irena; Oprescu, Emilia Elena; Radulescu, Sinziana
2015LC-­MS/MS determination of eight pharmaceuticals and two disinfectants in the Danube River and three major tributaries from RomaniaGalaon, Toma; Petre, Jana; Iancu, Vasile Ion; Stanescu, Elena
30-Aug-1983Lead di:oxide electrode with titanium support comprises lead nitrate bath treated element with a preliminary mixed chromium and titanium oxide conducting layerRadovan, Ciprian; Cocheci, Vasile
2016Limitations in evaluating wastewater treatment plants carbon footprintManea, Elena Elisabeta; Robescu, Lacramioara Diana; Presura, Elena
2011The lipophilicity of some hazardous substances estimated by high performance liquid chromatography and computed by various methodsPetre, Jana; Nascu-Briciu, Rodica Domnica; Iancu, Vasile; David, Victor; Sarbu, Costel
2013Long-term biological changes along Danube and Danube Delta systems after industrialization periodStoica, Catalina; Gheorghe, Stefania; Paun, Iuliana; Stanescu, Elena; Dinu, Cristina; Petre, Jana; Lucaciu, Irina
2013Low temperatures thermal energy - a huge market and potential environmentally friendlyGhilvacs, Madalina Irina; Nicolescu, Mircea Adrian
2011Low-cost natural materials used in monitoring of air qualitySandu, Iulian-Ovidiu; Bulgariu, Laura; Macoveanu, Matei
2011Macroeconomical levelTeodorescu, Cristian; Lehr, Carol; Nicolau, Margareta; Mandricelu, Constantin
30-Jan-1984Magnetite prepn. by oxidn. of cast iron chips in ammonium nitrate aq. soln. and hydrochloric acidTeodorescu, L.; Iliescu, Mircea; Alexandres, C.; Alexandres, A.
2015Magnetite: From synthesis to applicationsUsoy, Gozde; Gunduz, Ufuk; Oprea, Ovidiu; Ficai, Denisa; Sonmez, Maria; Radulescu, Marius; Alexie, Mihaela; Ficai, Anton
2015Management of material flows and energy for sustainable development organizationAnghel, Ana
2016Management of the resources and research results using specialized metadata control softwareVasile, Gabriela
2014Management systems for the metallurgical industry-specific waste administration - the first step towards a circular economy (strategy of "zero waste")Cuciureanu, Adriana
2011Mass spectrometric behavior of functionalized calix[4]arenes: the screening ability of host–guest complex formation with amino acid methyl estersMedvedovici, Andrei; Albu, Florin; Hamdi, Abdelwaheb; Souane, Rachid; Kim, Lidia; Mutihac, Lucia; Vicens, Jacques