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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Nano-scale zerovalent iron for subsurface remediation: experiences of DekontaRaschman, Robert; Dosoudil, Petr; Svab, Marek
2018Nanoscale iron particles for wastewater decontaminationEugenia Panturu; Razvan Ioan Panturu; Gheorghita Jinescu; Antoneta Filcenco – Olteanu; Aura Daniela Radu
2014Natural organic matter (NOM) - precursoe of undesirable compound in drinking waterCosma, Cristiana; Cristea, Ionut; Alexie, Mihaela
2007Natural remediation in polluted areas by mining-metallurgical activities. Part I. Heavy metals in contaminated environments.Masu, Smaranda; Albulescu, Mariana; Turuga, Livia; Chiriac, Adrian
2007Natural remediation in polluted areas by mining-metallurgical activities. Part II. Revegetation of mining areas.Masu, Smaranda; Albulescu, Mariana; Turuga, Livia; Chiriac, Adrian
2006Natural waters resources contaminated by chemical and petrochemical industries. Quality and treatment possibilitiesCosma, Cristiana; Ballo, Aureliea; Nicolau, Margareta; Nitoi, Ines
2017Neonicotinoids Detection by new LC-MS/MS Method in Romanian Surface WatersIancu, Vasile Ion; Galaon, Toma; Niculescu, Marcela; Lehr, Carol Blaziu
2017New adsorbent materials on the base of ash and lime for lead removalHarja, Maria; Kotova, Olga; Ciobanu, Gabriela; Litu, Loredana
2015A new approach for the extraction of organic compounds from different types of contaminated waters and sewage sludgeNiculae, Andrei
2016A new approach to assessing the quality of drinking water sources through water quality indicesPaun, Iuliana
2018New approaches regarding techniques and methodologies for assessment of air quality in the context of climate change and of the international environmental regulations updatingBucur, Elena
2018New approches regarding bat conclusion implementationValeriu Danciulescu; Andreea Cozea; Mihaela Petrescu; Raluca Diodiu; Gheorghita Tanase; Andrei Vasile
30-Sep-1986New chemiluminescent cpds. ­ based on bis­-chloro­-carbomethoxy­- or carbo:butox-y­phenyl­-oxalate(s)Anghelescu, N.; Dumitrescu, Emil; Craiu, Cornel; Costov, Ioan; Parmac, Sorin
2018New chromatographic method for determination of para-hydroxy-benzoic acid esters from sewage sludgeIancu, Vasile-Ion; Petre, Jana; Popescu, Mariana; Radu, Gabriel-Lucian
2018New ecological solution to combat the vegetation in excess in natural and hydropower lakesVictorita Radulescu
2017New ecological solution to improve the lakes capacity by combating the excessively developed vegetationRadulescu, Victorita
2018New laboratory techniques on soil decontaminationMaria Popa; Loredana Irena Negoita
2018New LC-MS method for acrylamide determination in environmental water samplesChiriac, Florentina Laura; Paun, Iuliana; Pirvu, Florinela; Cruceru, Liliana; Pascu, Luoana Florentina
2016New LC-MS/MS method for the determination of eight nitrosamines in drinking waterGalaon, Toma; Cruceru, Liliana; Petre, Jana; Pascu, Luoana Florentina; Iancu, Vasile Ion; Niculescu, Marcela
2012New methodology for the assessment of ecologic risk based on Rough Set Theory with applied example on the Olt river.Arama, Madalina Georgeta