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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2019A. Fischeri bioreactivity toward different analgesicsIonescu, Lucian; Gheorghe, Stefania
2014The accounting of material flows and energy tool for improving the environmental performance of organizationsAnghel, Ana ; Dimitriu, Elena 
2014Advenced biotechnologies for obteining biodegradable collagen based "coreshell/hollow" structural nano SIO2 composite and its applications for drugSimion, Demetra ; Apetroaei, Manuela ; Gaidau, Carmen ; Simion, Marius ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Cruceru, Liliana ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Chelaru, Ciprian ; Apetroaei, Marius ; Schroder, Verginica 
Sep-2019Alternative methods to detect biological communities in freshwater systemsStoica, Catalina; Ionica, Daniela; Ionescu, Lucian; Mitru, Daniel; Gheorghe, Stefania; Banciu, Alina; Lucaciu, Irina; Nita-Lazar, Mihai
Sep-2019Application of new synthesized materials in the water decontamination from Rosia Montana mining area (Romania)Ganea, Iolanda Veronica; Nan, Alexandrina; Neamtiu, Iulia; Roba, Carmen; Baciu, Calin; Turcu, Rodica
Sep-2019Assessment of heavy metals contamination in groundwater sources from Ialomita CountyPaun, Iuliana ; Chiriac, Florentina Laura ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Pirvu, Florinela ; Cruceru, Liliana ; Marin, Nicoleta Mirela ; Niculescu, Marcela ; Vasilache, Nicoleta ; Galaon, Toma 
Sep-2019Bactcontrol - on line analyzer for water microbiologyPanait, Veronica; Iarim, Florentina
Sep-2019Desorption of phthalates from microplastics into surface water. In vitro study.Scutariu, Roxana Elena; Puiu, Diana ; Nechifor, Gheorghe ; Iancu, Vasile ; Tatarus, Alina ; Galaon, Toma 
29-Nov-2017Detection of waterborne pathogenic bacteria using immunofluorescence techniqueNita-Lazar, Mihai; Lucaciu, Irina; Stoica, Catalina; Banciu, Alina
Sep-2019Determination of glyburide, glimepiride and repaglinide in wastewater samplesIancu, Vasile ; Radu, Gabriel Lucian ; Petre, Jana ; Galaon, Toma ; Scutariu, Roxana Elena; Pirvu, Florinela ; Paun, Iuliana ; Serban, Gabriel 
2015Determination of some organophosphate insecticides and herbicides in Romanian surface water samples by LC-­MS/MSIancu, Vasile; Galaon, Toma; Petre, Jana; Cruceru, Liliana; Pascu, Luoana Florentina
2015Egg quality enrichment using unconventional vegetal feed in layers' dietCriste, Rodica Diana; Panaite, Tatiana; Ropota, Mariana; Cornescu, Gabriela Maria; Criste, Virgil; Berbecaru, Anca Ioana
2014Evaluation of environmental performance for organizations in the food industry according to EMAS IIIArama, Madalina Georgeta ; Anghel, Ana ; Criste, Virgil 
May-2014Evaluation of tap water quality in large communities from Romania regarding metal concentrationsVasile, Gabriela ; Dinu, Cristina ; Cruceru, Liliana 
2016Evaluation of the environmental impact of heavy metals concentration from industrial by-products that could be used as feed additives in poultry dietsCriste, Virgil ; Panaite, Tatiana ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Olteanu, Margareta ; Criste, Rodica Diana 
Sep-2019Fast and sensitive CG-MS/MS method for detection of some auxin herbicides residues in environmental samplesPuiu, Diana ; Scutariu, Roxana Elena; Iancu, Vasile ; Tatarus, Alina ; Niculescu, Marcela ; Galaon, Toma 
2014Formation of aerobic granules in sequencing batch reactor SBR treating dairy industry wastewater: startup and performancesIonescu, Ioana; Bumbac, Costel; Cornea, Petruta Calina
Sep-2019GC-MS/MS method for trace analysis of chlorophenoxy acidic herbicides from water samplesPuiu, Diana ; Scutariu, Roxana Elena; Iancu, Vasile ; Tatarus, Alina ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Galaon, Toma 
Sep-2019Historical soil and groundwater pollution in developing peri-urban areasTevi, Giuliano; Stoica, Alexandra
2014How protected are we indoor? Indoor air pollution with particulate matter in an officebuilding from BucharestBucur, Elena ; Petrescu, Mihaela ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Diodiu, Raluca