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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Accumulation of heavy metals in native plants growing on a contaminated Ocna de Fier Site (Romania)Uruioc, Stela; Masu, Smaranda; Albulescu, Mariana; Krstic, Vesna
2008Advanced Removal of Arsenic Compounds from Aqueous Systems with Complex Pollution Applying Combined Method of Oxidation/Precipitation/Flotation - Tool for Implementation of the Programs for European Legislation Fulfilment in the Frame of Environmental Discharging of Hazardous SubstancesStefanescu, Mihai
2007Applying of photolitic processes in advenced degradation of some xenobiotics from municipal wastewaterStefanescu, Mihai ; Nitoi, Ines ; Nicolau, Margareta ; Pena-Leonte, Eliza ; Cosma, Cristiana ; Ballo, Aureliea 
2008Arsenic and pesticide removal from natural water by an effective, safe and compact-sized separation system (SEPAR)Cosma, Cristiana
2008Assessment of emerging techniques adsorptive bubble separation (ionic flotation / precipitation flotation and flotation of colloidal adsorption) surface-active substances in aqueous systemsDinu, Laurentiu Razvan
2015Assessment of the odour level generated by industrial activities through quantitative determination using dynamic olfactometryVasile, Andrei
2016Bioindicators of community structure in microalgae-bacteria processesTiron, Olga; Bumbac, Costel
2008Copper accumulation from tailing revegetation with grasslandAndres, Ladislau ; Masu, Smaranda ; Dragomir, Niculai ; Bogatu, Corneliu 
2014Cyclic voltammetry tool for assessing electrochemical degradation of diclofenacIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Pode, Rodica
2014Degradation of piroxicam by electrochemical oxidation at DSA electrodesIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Pode, Rodica
2008Degradation of recalcitrant organic compounds by electrochemical methodIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Iovi, Aurel
2017Determining the optimal operational parameters for denitrification in a biological filterIonescu, Ioana; Patroescu, Viorel Ion; Badescu, Valeriu; Stefanescu, Mihai; Cristea, Ionut
2013DSA electrodes involvement in photocatalyticallyassisted electrochemical degradation of ibuprofenIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Botau, Dimitrie; Militaru, Cosmina; Lazau, Carmen; Pode, Rodica
2011The electrochemical behaviour of DSA and BDD electrodes during diclofenac electrooxidationIhos, Monica; Manea, Florica; Botau, Dimitrie; Iovi, Aurel
2007Electrokinetic model used for the treatment of soils polluted with heavy metalsBogatu, Corneliu; Verbitchi, Victor; Dragut, Lucian; Harjan, Ioan; Ionescu, Dan; Dragomir, Niculai
2012Ettringite Precipitation vs. Nano-Filtration for Efficient Sulphate Removal from Mine WaterJanneck, Eberhard; Cook, Mitch; Kunze, Christian; Sommer, Klaus; Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan
2015Fluoride removal from aqueous media by electrogenerated Al(OH)3Ihos, Monica; Andres, Ladislau
2009Functionalized calix[4]arenes as transporters of biological compoundsKim, Lidia; Iordache Zamora, Petrisor; Hamdi, Abdelwaheb; Biziru, Alexandru; Vicens, Jacques; Mutihac, Lucia
2011Heavy metals in plants grown on new fly ash depositsMasu, Smaranda; Nicorescu, Valeria; Jurj, Nicoleta Luminita; Dragomir, Niculai; Uruioc, Stela