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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Aug-2017Anaerobic process for advanced decomposition of highly organically loaded sublayer and corresponding digester/bioreactor (PADSOD/R)Candea-Muntean, I. V.; Candea-Muntean, V. V.; Patroescu, Viorel Ion; Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan; Bumbac, Costel; Lehr, Carol Blaziu
28-Jun-2002Biological cleaning of liquid effluent containing detergents consists of aerobic treatment of water containing nonyl phenol and phosphorus and nitrogen saltsCosma, Georgeta; Panait, Alexandra; Cristea, Camelia; Staniloae, Dumitru
29-Oct-1986Chemiluminescence tester for underwater research, etc. ­ consists of PVC cylinder with three parallel photovoltaic cells and aluminium coilDumitrescu, Emil; Costov, Ioan; Blaga, Iulian; Ias, Ioan
30-Aug-1986Chemiluminescent mixt. ­ contg. phenyl ester derivs. of oxalic acid in which aromatic hydrogen atoms are substd.Dumitrescu, Emil; Craiu, Cornel; Costov, Ioan; Blaga, Iulian
29-Jan-2001Cleaning medicines synthesis waste water consists of flocculation and biological removal of organic impurities in nitrification filterCosma, Georgeta; Nicolau, Margareta; Ballo, Aureliea; Duda, Sanda
Aug-2019Combined fodder useful for feeding egg-laying hens, comprises sunflower grist and granulated lucerne that provide crude protein, crude fat, high cellulose content, linolenic acid, lutein and zeaxanthinBunduc, V; Panaite, Tatiana; Criste, Rodica Diana; Olteanu, Margareta; Vlaicu, Petru Alexandru; Criste, Virgil; Turcu, Raluca Paula; Lepadatu, M
28-Mar-2008Complex impurities based surface water potabilization consists of two stage ozonation, coagulation, adsorption and disinfectionNicolau, Margareta; Cosma, Cristiana; Ballo, Aureliea; Nitoi, Ines; Orbesteanu, Paul
30-Apr-1985Copper recovery from electrical engineering industry waste consists of electrolysis of copper nitrate soln. using metal cathode and graphite anodeCruceru, Mihail; Licaret, Constantin; Duda, Sanda
30-Aug-2001Dehydration of refinery effluent cleaning based sludge consists of flocculation by methacrylate based polyelectrolyte, and centrifugationMunteanu, Rodica; Arama, Madalina Georgeta; Popa, Iulian; Toader, Felicia; Ionascu, Cristina; Georgescu, Cristian
30-May-2002Desulfurisation of sulfuretted hydrogen production waste water consists of sulfuric acid treatment, and precipitation of sulfur for industrial useMunteanu, Rodica; Ciuculescu, Rodica; Ionascu, Cristina; Cucinshi, Mirela; Chirileanu, Alexandra
30-Aug-1985Desulphurising liquids and gases ­ by combined oxidn.­redn. and chemo-­sorption by passing over metal shavings, contg. iron, carbon, silicon, sulphur and chromiumCruceru, Mihail; Craiu, Cornel; Nicolau, Margareta; Cosma, Cristiana; Lazarut, P.
30-Nov-1982Di:valent sulphur cpd.­ -contaminated waste water and gas purificn. ­ - by contact with inorganic copper, iron and nickel salt catalystCruceru, Mihail; Craiu, Cornel; Toader, Felicia
10-Nov-1988Extn. process for removal of aromatic amine(s) ­ from residual watersNicolau, Margareta; Stan, D. E.; Craiu, Cornel; Curcaneanu, Nicolae; Georgescu, F.; Curcaneanu, S.
May-2019Fodder composition useful for feeding pigs and producing pork enriched with polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, comprises flaxseed grist as source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and grapeseed grist as natural antioxidantPanaite, Tatiana ; Criste, Rodica Diana ; Saracila, M ; Ropota, Mariana ; Cornescu, G ; Criste, Virgil ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Olteanu, Margareta ; Vlaicu, Petru Alexandru 
2019Fodder recipe useful for producing broiler chicken meat enriched in polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids, comprises corn, soybean meal, sea-buckthorn meal, flaxseed meal, vegetable oil, lysine, methionine, and dicalcium phosphatePanaite, Tatiana ; Criste, Rodica Diana ; Ropota, Mariana ; Olteanu, Margareta ; Criste, Virgil ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Soica, C 
28-Feb-1984Highly pure para-toluene-sulphonic acid mono:hydrate prepn. from sulphuric acid contg. para-toluene-sulphonic acid by mixing with water, cooling, filtration and crystallisation stepsDorobantu, Maria; Zlota, Arie; Barca, Elena; Anistoroaie, Viorica; Cosaveanu, A.; Dumitrescu, I.
30-Sep-1984Highly pure para-toluene-sulphonic acid prepn. by sulphonating toluene with conc. sulphuric acid at atmos. pressureDorobantu, Maria; Zlota, Arie; Barca, Elena; Anistoroaie, Viorica
2014Installation for producing functionalized nanocomposite permselective materialsBatrinescu, Gheorghe; Cuciureanu, Adriana; Lehr, Carol Blaziu
30-Aug-1983Lead di:oxide electrode with titanium support comprises lead nitrate bath treated element with a preliminary mixed chromium and titanium oxide conducting layerRadovan, Ciprian; Cocheci, Vasile
30-Jan-1984Magnetite prepn. by oxidn. of cast iron chips in ammonium nitrate aq. soln. and hydrochloric acidTeodorescu, Lavinia; Iliescu, Mircea; Alexandres, C.; Alexandres, A.