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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Determination of potentially pathogenic microbial of the Danube DeltaBanciu, Alina
2012Eco toxicity determination of amphoteric cationic surfactants and risk assessment generated on aquatic environmentGheorghe, Stefania
2012Ecological composite materials for noise reductionBratu, Mihai
2014Evaluation of priority hazardous substances pollution of water and sediment ecosystems in the complex industrial platform area and methods of destruction of the pollutants.Iordache, Mihaela
2016The evaluation of the ecological state of aquatic lotic ecosystems: the composition and structure of benthic faunaStoica, Catalina
2013Membrane methodology for aerosols analysisDanciulescu, Valeriu
2003Membrane with immobilized enzymeBatrinescu, Gheorghe
2013Methods and methodologies in analytical determinations with applications for environmental and health assessments.Popescu, Luisa Roxana 
2011Molecular recognition of some compounds of biological interest with functionalized macrocyclic receptorsKim, Lidia
2009The monitorization of metallic mobile concentrations species from soils and anthropogenic sediments. The traceability of analytical measurement of mobile metals from soils and sedimentsVasile Gabriela 
2010Polyfunctional ligands in coordinative chemistry of some metals D and FAlexie, Mihaela
2012Protein separation by composite membrane of polysulfone - polyanilineCuciureanu, Adriana
2010Retention mechanism in liquid chromatography in reverse phase with isocratic elution. Modeling and extra analytic parametersGalaon, Toma
2011Sustainable development and environmental risk managementArama, Madalina Georgeta
2015TiO2 heterogeneous photocatalyse in advanced treatment of wastewater containing organic pollutantsConstantin, Lucian Alexandru
2010α, β Unsaturated - pollutants from organic compounds derivatives class and / or agents for aqueous systems decontaminationNicolau, Margareta