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Vasile, Gabriela
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Vasile, Gabriela
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Vasile, Gabriela
Vasile, Gabriela Geanina
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Dr. Gabriela-Geanina VASILE is a Senior Researcher 1st degree at the Pollution Control Department (Water, Soil, Wastes Pollution Control Laboratory) from the National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology ECOIND, Bucharest Romania. She graduated as an engineer at the Oil and Gas Institute of Ploiesti, Faculty of Petroleum and Petrochemical Processing Technology in 1992, and received her Ph.D. degree in 2010 at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry Department. She wrote a thesis with the title “Monitoring of mobile metallic species concentrations from anthropogenic soils and sediments. Traceability of analytical measurements of mobile metals in soils and sediments”. Her research interest regards quantification of metallic elements in various matrices, method development, and validation, mobility of metals in environmental components, transfer, and bioaccumulation indices. She is the administrator of ECOLIB Library.
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1Jun-2022Antioxidative Defense and Gut Microbial Changes under Pollution Stress in Carassius gibelio from Bucharest LakesAlistar, Cristina ; Nica, Ionela ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Croitoru, Alexa Maria ; Dolete, Georgiana ; Mihailescu, Dan Eduard ; Ficai, Anton ; Craciun, Nicolai ; Gradisteanu-Pircalabioru, Gratiela ; Chifiriuc, Mariana Carmen ; Stan, Miruna ; Dinischiotu, Anca 
228-Dec-2022Comparative methods for chlorophyll detection in leavesNovac, Laura ; Stoica, Catalina ; Tenea, Anda Gabriela ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
3Dec-2021The effect of toxic metal As on the Matricaria Chamomilla L. medicinal plantSerban, Ecaterina Anca ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Gheorghe, Stefania ; Stoica, Catalina ; Catrina, Gina Alina ; Dinu, Cristina 
428-Dec-2022Groundwater chemistry, pollution and health risk assessment for nitrogen compounds. A case study in a suburban region of RomaniaVasilache, Nicoleta ; Mandoc, Luisa Roxana ; Diacu, Elena ; Vasile, Gabriela ; Tenea, Anda Gabriela ; Arcire, Alexandru ; Batrinescu, Gheorghe ; Paun, Iuliana ; Gheorghe, Stefania