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Valeria Nicorescu is a 3rd-degree scientific researcher and she is the head of the Timisoara Branch from the National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology ECOIND, Bucharest Romania. She graduated as a chemical engineer at the Faculty of Industrial Chemistry - “Politehnica” University of Timisoara, in 1989. Her research activity regards to the decontamination of soils polluted with heavy metals or petroleum products using phytoremediation processes, bioremediation of wastewater and waste management.
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12018The Capacity of Lemna Minor L. to accumulate heavy metals (zinc, copper, nickel)Neidoni, Dorian Gabriel ; Nicorescu, Valeria ; Andres, Ladislau ; Ihos, Monica ; Lehr, Carol Blaziu 
2Oct-2020Comparative testing of Ag/Au/Pt graphene electromodified electrodes in electrochemical detection of tetracycline-emerging pollutantNegrea, Sorina Claudia ; Diaconu, Lidia Ani ; Nicorescu, Valeria ; Neidoni, Dorian Gabriel ; Baciu, Ana Maria ; Licurici, Claudia ; Manea, Florica 
3Dec-2019Copper-modified boron-doped diamond (Cu/Bdd) electrode for the electrochemical detection of Paclitaxel and Oxaliplatin in aqueous solutionsNegrea, Sorina Claudia ; Diaconu, Lidia Ani ; Nicorescu, Valeria ; Baciu, Anamaria ; Pop, Aniela ; Manea, Florica 
4Jun-2021Graphene oxide electroreduced onto boron-doped diamond and electrodecorated with silver (Ag/GO/BDD) electrode for tetracycline detection in aqueous solutionNegrea, Sorina Claudia ; Diaconu, Lidia Ani ; Nicorescu, Valeria ; Motoc, Sorina ; Orha, Corina ; Manea, Florica 
5Jan-2020The influence of temperature on the absorption capacity of total phosphorus by Lemna minor L.Neidoni, Dorian Gabriel ; Dragalina, Mihaela ; Nicorescu, Valeria ; Banciu, Alina ; Stoica, Catalina ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
6Dec-2021The role of temperature in the bioaccumulation processes of mangan from surface water, in species salvinia natans (l.) All.Neidoni, Dorian Gabriel ; Nicorescu, Valeria ; Diaconu, Lidia Ani ; Negrea, Sorina Claudia ; Pacala, Adina 
7Dec-2021Simultaneous/selective volatmetric detection of diclofenac and tetracycline in water on graphene modified boron-doped diamond electrodeNegrea, Sorina Claudia ; Nicorescu, Valeria ; Neidoni, Dorian Gabriel ; Pacala, Adina ; Baciu, Anamaria ; Motoc, Sorina ; Manea, Florica 
82015Slag and fly ash dump treatment with biodegradable waste herbaceous vegetation purposeMasu, Smaranda ; Nicorescu, Valeria ; Popa, Maria 
92018Strategy for ecologically closure of ash and slag deposits using energetic cropsNicorescu, Valeria ; Andres, Ladislau ; Masu, Smaranda ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Vlaicu, Ilie ; Bozan, Cristian ; Hollerbach, Wilhelm ; Trava, Ion Danut 
102013Studies on plant growth and metal bioaccumulation in crops on fly ash disposal siteMasu, Smaranda ; Nicorescu, Valeria ; Albulescu, Mariana 
11Oct-2020Sustainable sludge management - its use for remediation of degraded landsNicorescu, Valeria ; Andres, Ladislau ; Negrea, Sorina Claudia ; Neidoni, Dorian Gabriel ; Lehr, Carol Blaziu ; Orha, Corina