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Guta, Doina
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12016Problems encountered in the analysis for the hazardous / non-hazardous waste assessing. Case studiesGuta, Doina ; Batrinescu, Gheorghe ; Cuciureanu, Adriana ; Arama, Madalina Georgeta 
225-May-2014Modern methodologies for environmental risk assessment and influences on human healthArama, Madalina ; Lehr, Carol Blaziu ; Guta, Doina 
32013Environmental risk management based on rough set theory using EMAS relevant recommended indicatorsArama, Madalina ; Nicolau, Margareta ; Batrinescu, Gheorghe ; Lehr, Carol Blaziu ; Criste, Virgil ; Anghel, Ana ; Guta, Doina 
42015Decision model based on analytical hierarchy process for managing the environmental risks within the environmental management systemsArama, Madalina ; Pascu, Luoana Florentina ; Guta, Doina 
52015The adequate management of environmental issues specific to rural communities in romania – premise of natural heritage conservation and of life quality increaseGuta, Doina ; Batrinescu, Gheorghe ; Lehr, Carol Blaziu