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Manea, Elena Elisabeta
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Dr. Eng. Elena Elisabeta Manea is a Research Scientist within the Environmental Technology and Technology transfer Department of ECOIND, Romania focusing on modeling and simulation of hydraulics and biological processes in wastewater treatment. She is currently focused on research topics related to aerobic granular sludge reactors, wastewater treatment modeling and natural-based solutions development.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1Jun-2022Comparative assessment of influent wastewater organic fractionsManea, Elena Elisabeta ; Bumbac, Costel ; Badescu, Valeriu ; Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan ; Tiron, Olga 
22021Innovative system for decentralized wastewater treatmentBumbac, Costel ; Manea, Elena Elisabeta ; Tiron, Olga 
32019The intertrophic relationship between algae and bacteria from the activated microalgae granulesBumbac, Costel ; Manea, Elena Elisabeta ; Stoica, Catalina ; Banciu, Alina ; Ionescu, Ioana ; Badescu, Valeriu ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai 
42019Microbial diversity of aerobic granular sludge under different operational conditionsBumbac, Costel ; Manea, Elena Elisabeta ; Nita-Lazar, Mihai ; Tiron, Olga 
52019Performance evaluation of continuous flow aerobic granular sludge configurationsManea, Elena Elisabeta ; Bumbac, Costel 
625-Jun-2021Removal of crystal violet from aqueous solutions using an aerobic granular sludge systemBumbac, Costel ; Manea, Elena Elisabeta ; Tiron, Olga 
7Dec-2021UV-VIS analysis of granular activated algae chlorophyll contentBumbac, Marius ; Nicolescu, Cristina Mihaela ; Olteanu, Radu Lucian ; Manea, Elena Elisabeta ; Bumbac, Costel ; Gorghiu, Laura Monica ; Radulescu, Cristiana ; Stanescu, Geanina ; Serban, Bogdan Catalin ; Buiu, Octavian