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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Spatio-temporal evolution of the biotic components in the aquatic ecosystems from Danube Delta biosphereStanescu, Elena; Lucaciu, Irina; Ivan, Stefania; Nicolau, Margareta; Vosniakos, Fokion; Varga, L.A.; Golumbeanu, Mariana
2012Monitoring the ecological diversity of the aquatic Danube Delta systems in terms of spatial- temporal relationshipStoica, Catalina; Lucaciu, Irina; Nicolau, Margareta; Vosniakos, Fokion
2012Evolution of an aquatic ecosystem (the Suceava River) for a 3-year period in terms of ecological dynamicsStoica, Catalina; Lucaciu, Irina; Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Stanescu, Bogdan; Birsan, Elena
2011Toxicity biotests for dangerous chemicals (monolinuron and triclorphon) control to evaluate their toxic potentialGheorghe, Stefania; Rusu, Gentiana; Lucaciu, Irina; Iancu, Vasile
2008Dynamics of the biotic components in the aquatic ecosystems from the Danube Delta biosphereStanescu, Elena; Nicolau, Margareta; Lucaciu, Irina; Ivan, Stefania; Vosniakos, Fokion
2010Toxic effect of some dangerous chemicals on superoxide dismutase enzymatic activityIvan, Stefania; Lucaciu, Irina; Rusu, Gratiela; Iancu, Vasile
2013Spatial and temporal variation of Chlorophyll ‘a’ along the Danube RiverStoica, Catalina; Paun, Iuliana; Stanescu, Elena; Lucaciu, Irina; Niculescu, Daniela
2015Virulence factors of gram negative bacteria isolated from natural aquatic ecosystemsCatrangiu, Alina; Niculescu, Daniela; Lucaciu, Irina; Chifiriuc, Carmen; Mihaescu, Grigore
2011Detergents legislative framework and ecotoxicological testing methodologyGheorghe, Stefania; Lucaciu, Irina; Grumaz, Rozalia
2012Biodegradability assessment of cationic and amphoteric raw materialsGheorghe, Stefania; Lucaciu, Irina; Pascu, Luoana