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Title: Assessment of professional competences in the field of environmental protection
Authors: Criste, Virgil
Anghel, Ana
Laslu, Elena
Keywords: Qualification;Professional competence;Assessment;Centre;Units of competence;Occupational standards;Certification
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology, INCD-ECOIND
In conditions in which the market economy is running on the law of supply and demand, operators are interested to employ qualified personnel with experience in the eventually field.
To come to support both employers and the workers in the European Union has adopted an European model of qualifications and a comparison system of qualifications based on the results of learning. This can assess and certify skills acquired through any form: in the formal system, informal or non-formal. In Romania was founded NATB - National Council for Adult Vocational Training - the structure in charge of vocational training of adults. This structure works by 24 sectoral committees which include and CSFPM - Sectoral Committee training in environmental protection. The European model of professional competence involves developing qualifications as units of competence described in the Occupational Standards.
Assessment and certification system of professional competences acquired other than in formal evaluation takes place in CNFPA authorization based on units of competence described in the occupational standards. Until now, environmental protection, have been developed and approved 25 occupational standards. In side of the project POS DRU PROMEDIU led by UNIMED - Employers Association of Equipment Manufacturers and Users of Environmental Protection, the INCD ECOIND was a partner, developed and authorized the first center for environment professional competence assessment in Romania, for two qualifications: Environmental Auditor and Manager of environmental management systems In this project the team INCD ECOIND: develop documents and procedures for operation of the center for evaluation; develop assessment tools for occupation environmental Auditor; performed by two evaluators five professional competenceevaluation for each qualification; obtained the NATB certification for the two evaluators of professional competence. Through another project SOP HRD PRO COMPETENT led by CSFPM and that INCD ECOIND is also a partner, in the institute will develop and authorize a professional competence centers for the evaluation for Responsible environmental qualification.
Volume I

International Symposium "The Environment and the Industry" SIMI
ISSN: (on-line)2457-8371
L 1843-5831
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