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Title: Removal of nitrite ions from water in dynamic and oxic conditions
Authors: Goreacioc, Tatiana
Nastas, Raisa
Sandu, Maria
Lupascu, Tudor
Tarita, Anatolie
Keywords: Active carbon;Dynamic condition;Nitrite ions;Oxic condition;Removal
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology ECOIND
Active carbons have been found the most efficient and commonly used adsorbents
in water purification all over the world.
The purpose of this work was to investigate the possibility of applying active
carbons AG-5 and AG-5ox for the removal of nitrite ions from water in (i) dynamic
and (ii) oxic conditions.
Obtained results reveal that the sample AG-5 is more efficient for removal of nitrite
ions from water in the dynamic conditions but sample AG-5ox is more efficient in
oxic conditions.
The capacity of active carbon AG-5 for nitrite ions removal from water, expressed
in dynamic conditions as a ratio of the adsorbent volume to the solution volume
passed through column with adsorbent, is about 1:80.
Studies show that the application of the recommended method using the AG-5ox
carbonic adsorbent provides of 75% efficiency in the removal of nitrite ions from
natural water and 100% of the model solution.
International Symposium "The Environment and the Industry", 20-21 September 2018, Bucharest, Romania, pp. 119-126
URI: 10.21698/simi.2018.fp15
ISSN: L:1843-5831 (online); 2457-8371
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