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Title: A survey of groundwater nitrate contamination resulted by research of domestic wells from Romania
Authors: Calin, Catalina
Madjar, Roxana Maria
Scaeteanu Vasile, Gina
Oprescu, Emilia Elena
Keywords: Groundwater;Nitrates;Romania;Pollution
Issue Date: 2018
Drinking water quality is an actual and astringent problem and the presence of nitrate ions above limit value of 50 mg/L may produce methemoglobinemy and different types of cancer. Our study presents a general approach concerning nitrate levels in well water collected from different areas located in Romania. Analysis of 48 water samples collected from 4 wells at different sampling moments, from Fântânele village, Prahova County indicated that 31.25% of samples contain nitrate above 50 mg/L, the highest found value being 87.09 mg/L. Extreme values of nitrate, higher than 300 mg/L were reported for well water collected from Matca
(Galati County), Săhăteni (Buzău County) and Clinceni (Ilfov County). Evaluation of drinking water quality collected from Măneciu-Ungureni, Prahova County during 6 sampling campaigns from 7 wells indicated values slightly above 50 mg/L in 5 samples. Analysis of 97 well water samples from 12 different places from Mureș County indicated exceeding of maximum admitted level in 4.12% of samples. The most affected areas are Sângeorgiu de Mureș and Cristești, where nitrate were above limit in 11/14 samples, respectively 21/30 samples.
3rd International Colloquium Energy and Environmental Protection, November 14th-16th, 2018, Book of Abstract
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