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Title: The chemical fractions and leaching of heavy metals in ash from medical waste incineration using two different sequential extraction procedures
Authors: Kim, Lidia 
Catrina, Gina Alina 
Stanescu, Bogdan 
Pascu, Luoana Florentina 
Tanase, Gheorghita 
Manolache, Daniel 
Keywords: Sequential Extraction;Heavy Metals;Ash;Medical Waste
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: SYSCOM 18 SRL
The paper presents the chemical fractions and leaching of the heavy metals in the bottom and filter ashes
from the incineration of medical waste by two comparative methods of sequential extraction and by Toxicity
Characteristic Leaching Procedure test (TCLP). The BCR classic method has higher extraction percentages
than proposed modified BCR method. In both ashes, the metals are predominantly bounded in F1 (exchangeable) and F2 (iron and manganese oxides) fractions. Due to the high content of metals in filter
ash, representing over 17,000 mg/kg dry matter for Zn, 7,000 mg/kg dry matter for Pb, and 1,400 mg/kg dry
matter for Cr and Cu in F1 and F2 fractions, a special attention should be given to the management and
storage of this waste.
Revista de Chimie (Bucharest), vol. 70, no. 1, pp. 269-274, 2019
ISSN: 0034-7752
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