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Title: Identification of physical, morphological and chemical particularities of mixed microalgae - bacteria granules
Authors: Bumbac, Costel
Manea, Elena Elisabeta
Banciu, Alina
Stoica, Catalina
Ionescu, Ioana
Badescu, Valeriu
Keywords: Microalgae;Bacteria;Activated Sludge
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: SYSCOM 18 SRL
The growth of population has been linked with the increase usage of chemical compounds design for
domestic and industrial use. At its turn, the increased amount of the chemical compound puts an enhanced
stress on the environment. In such scenario, the waste management, including the wastewater treatment
strategies have become an important part for the environmental protection. Unfortunately, the wastewater
treatment procedures have several components which could be improved. Among them aeration process
and biomass sedimentation have been the most stringent to tackle, since the aeration alone consume more
than 60% from wastewater treatment energy cost. In this study, we proposed a new microalgae-bacteria
activated sludge granule which could be an economical and technological solution to the above mentioned
issues such as aeration and sedimentation. Moreover, during this study we characterized the physical,
morphological and chemical characteristic of the newly formed granules by advances techniques such as
electronic and correlative microscopy.
Revista de Chimie (Bucharest), vol. 70, no. 1, pp. 275-277, 2019
ISSN: 0034-7752
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