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Title: Practical aspects of the soil quality assessment in urban areas. Case study
Authors: Stanescu, Bogdan 
Batrinescu, Gheorghe 
Kim, Lidia 
Cuciureanu, Adriana 
Stanescu, Elena 
Keywords: Urban areas;Soils;Pollution;Assessment
Issue Date: 2015
Soil pollution is defined as any action that affect the normal functioning of the soil. It is known that human activities have affected while soil quality through various works (eg. mining, excavation, land use for landfills, landslides due to deforestation, erosion, salinization, acidification, etc.) A special attention was focused for the soils research in large urban areas, intensified in recent decades, due to the characteristics and functions of the soils in such areas. Of these, significant are those related to the role of soil as a support for the constructions of buildings, as recreational space or horticultural plant growth medium, especially those with special destination for human and animal nutrition present in peripheral areas. For urban pollutant impact exerted on the soil is exercised by: industrial emissions, road traffic emissions, use of chemicals to increase soil fertility and to combat pests and diseases. This paper presents a recent assessment of the quality of the
urban soils in Bucharest, capital of Romania, starting from a conceptual model based on knowledge in the field. In situ investigations and direct observations have resulted in soil sampling in different zones, followed by analysis of the physico-chemical quality indicators relevant to the chemical pollution of soils.
International Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference-SGEM, Geoconference on Science and Technologies in Geology, Ecology, Economics, Education and Legislation, SGEM 2015, vol. I, , 2015, pp. 677-684
ISSN: 1314-2704
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