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Title: A new approach to determine the discharge passing over ogee spillway
Authors: Yildiz, Ali
Yarar, Alpaslan
Marti, Ali İhsan
Kocaer, Öznur
Keywords: Analytical study;Experimental investigation;Ogee Spillway
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology, INCD-ECOIND
The main purpose of this study is investigation of flow over an ogee spillway experimentally and comparison with the analytical results. An experimental study was conducted to obtain discharges and heads over an ogee spillway. 30 different discharge and flow depths of flow in physical model were measured. Nondimensional discharge and flow depth curves are used to compare the results. Experimental results indicate that some regulations can be done in analytical formulas. In this way the analytical results can be get more accurately.
International Symposium "The Environment and the Industry", 26-27 September 2019, Bucharest, Romania, pp. 17-23
ISSN: L:1843-5831 (online)
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