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Title: Assessment of the air pollution due to combustion processes of different wastes
Authors: Bratu, Mihai 
Pascu, Luoana Florentina 
Petrescu, Mihaela 
Keywords: Combustion gases;Combustion process;Incineration;Pollutants;Waste
Issue Date: Sep-2019
Publisher: National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology, INCD-ECOIND
The continuous increase of the volume of waste, in direct correlation with the number of the population represents an important problem for the specialists involved in waste management and the identification of the most efficient solutions for their management in an environmentally friendly way with minimal impact on the environment. A large-scale waste reduction solution is to incinerate them in dedicated installations with strict control over air pollutant emissions from the incineration process. The paper presents the results of the tests carried out in two types of waste incinerators for the assessment of pollutant emissions in the air in order to reduce them and to meet the requirements of the environmental regulations in this field.
International Symposium "The Environment and the Industry", 26-27 September 2019, Bucharest, Romania, pp. 144-151
ISSN: L:1843-5831 (online)
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