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Title: Effect of counterion on the mesomorphic behavior and optical properties of columnar pyridinium ionic liquid crystals derived from 4-hydroxypyridine
Authors: Pana, Amalia
Badea, Florentina Laura
Ilis, Monica
Staicu, Teodora
Micutz, Marin
Pasuk, Iuliana
Circu, Viorel
Keywords: Ionic liquid crystals
Pyridinium salts
Columnar mesophase
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Abstract: A series of 3,4,5-tridodecyloxybenzyl pyridinium salts derived from 4-hydroxypyridine has been designed and prepared. The liquid crystalline properties of these compounds were investigated by polarized optical microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry and powder X-ray diffraction while their thermal stability was studied by thermogravimetric analysis. The N-3,4,5-tridodecyloxybenzyl-4-pyridone intermediate shows a monotropic columnar hexagonal mesophase ranging from 56 C down to room temperature while the corresponding bromide dodecyl O-alkylated pyridinium salt shows one enantiotropic columnar mesophase and one additional monotropic columnar phase at lower temperatures. Replacing bromide ion (Br ) with other counterions (NO 3 ; BF 4 and PF 6 ) resulted in mesophase suppression. These luminescent pyridinium salts show weak emission in dichloromethane solutions at room temperature and a pronounced red-shifted emission in solid state. Photoluminescent properties of the pyridinium salts do not depend significantly on the nature of counterion employed.
Description: Journal of Molecular Structure, 2015, 1083, pp. 245-251
ISSN: 0022-2860
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