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Title: EU Horizon 2020 research for a sustainable future: INNOQUA—a Nature-Based Sanitation Solution
Authors: Tompkins, David
Bumbac, Costel
Clifford, Eoghan
Dussaussois, Jean-Baptiste
Hannon, Louise
Salvado, Victoria
Schellenberg, Tatjana
Keywords: Nature-based;Decentralised;Sustainable;Earthworm;Daphnia;Micro-algae;UV disinfection;Solar purification
Issue Date: Nov-2019
Publisher: MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.
This paper explores the experiences of partners in the multi-national, EU-funded INNOQUA project, who have developed and are currently demonstrating the potential for novel nature-based, decentralised wastewater treatment solutions in ten different countries. Four solutions are under investigation, each at different Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs): Lumbrifilter; Daphnia filter; Bio-Solar Purification unit; UV disinfection unit. An overview of the solutions is provided, along within data from pilot sites. The project is currently entering an intensive demonstration phase, during which sites will be open for visits and act as the focus for training and dissemination activities on sustainable wastewater treatment. Barriers to market for nature-based solutions are also explored.
Water, 2019, 11, 2461; doi:10.3390/w11122461.
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