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Title: Advanced research regarding the transfer of emerging contaminants from abiotic environmental factors to aquatic organisms and plants through bioaccumulation (BIOACUM)
Other Titles: Cercetari avansate privind transferul contaminantilor emergenti din factorii de mediu abiotici la organismele acvatice si plante prin bioacumulare (BIOACUM)
Authors: Galaon, Toma 
Iancu, Vasile 
Chiriac, Florentina Laura 
Iancu, Vasile 
Dinu, Cristina 
Serban, Ecaterina Anca 
Vasile, Gabriela 
Keywords: Bioacumulation;Emergent contaminants;Plants;Aquatic organism;Endocrine disruptors;Anti-diabetics;Synthetic auxins;Metals;Matricaria Chamomilla;Mentha Piperita
Issue Date: 2019
The objective of the project was to evaluate the transfer and bioaccumulation of emergent contaminants from abiotic environmental factors to aquatic organisms and plants. The project validate-in house three analytical methods for ultratrace detection of three distinct emergent contaminants classes: (a) endocrine disruptors (UV filters and degradation products) from surface water and wastewater, (b) pharmaceuticals (anti - diabetics and metabolites) from surface water and wastewater, (c) herbicides (synthetic auxins) from water, vegetation and soil samples. The validated methods were used to quantify the content of endocrine disruptors, anti - diabetics and metabolites, synthetic auxins in wastewater, surface water, soil and vegetation. The transfer factors of the toxic metals As, Cd, Ni and Pb from the polluted soil to the roots and aerial parts of chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla) and mint (Mentha Piperita) were determined. The degree of contamination with organic pollutants adsorbed on microplastics from Jiu river was evaluated (upstream and downstream of the wastewater treatment plants Targu-Jiu and Craiova respectively).
Program Nucleu, contract 20N/2019, project code: PN 19 04 01 01
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