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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Assessment of the quality of the Danube Delta aquatic ecosystem – surface water and sedimentVosniakos, Fokion; Vasile, Gabriela; Petre, Jana; Cruceru, Liliana; Nicolau, Margareta; Mitrita, Marcela; Iancu, Vasile; Cruceru, Ioana; Golumbeanu, Mariana
2008Study on quantitative speciation, by BCR method, of Zinc content from river sedimentsVasile, Georgiana; Stanescu, Bogdan; Tudor, Claudia; Mihaila, Elena
2007Adverse effects caused by pyrites and sterile dump from central pond area on environmental factors quality – groundwater and surface waterBirlica, Ramona; Voinea, Elena; Nicolau, Margareta; Petrescu, Marinela; Cuciureanu, Adriana; Vidrighin, Monica; Lucaciu, Irina; Ciurcanu, Iuliana
2009Analytical study of heavy metals mobility correlated with surface water and sediment matricesVasile, Georgiana
2007Research on estimation of air pollutant dispersion by means of mathematical modeling and assessing their impact on the environmentDanciulescu, Valeriu
2009Assessment of adverse effects of some pharmaceuticals products on aquatic organisms and ecological risk characterization, in accordance with international regulationsGheorghe, Stefania
2008Emissions prognosis of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and ammonia resulting from industrial activities (including energy) medium term (2010) and long term (2020)Bucur, Elena
2007Natural remediation in polluted areas by mining-metallurgical activities. Part I. Heavy metals in contaminated environments.Masu, Smaranda; Albulescu, Mariana; Turuga, Livia; Chiriac, Adrian
2007Researches regarding postvolcanic emanations from South-West of Romania. Mud Volcanoes from Fibis Valley.Uruioc, Stela; Masa, Smaranda; Sinitean, A.
2008Biosolids influence in metals bioaccumulation in barley grains.Masu, Smaranda; Pricop, Anca