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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Recycling fly ash in phytoremediation processes of soils polluted with oil productsNicorescu, Valeria
2017The application of the experimental phytoremediation model of the energy crops on polluted or degraded natural landsNicorescu, Valeria
2015Phytoremediation of areas polluted with oil products using organic fertilizers type of sewage sludgeMasu, Smaranda
2014Assessment on phytoremediation of crude oil polluted soils with Achillea Millefolium and total Petroleum Hydrocarbons removal efficiencyMasu, Smaranda; Albulescu, Mariana; Balasescu, Ligia-Carmena
2009Innovative combined technologies for in-situ protection and remediation of soils polluted with heavy metals in order to decrease their bioavailability, ( REMSOL)Bogatu, Corneliu
2015Research on rehabilitation of ancient oil polluted soil through perennial plant phytoremediationMasu, Smaranda; Lixandru, Benoni; Popescu, Dumitru; Ciulan, Valentin; Morariu, Sorin; Morariu, Florica
2014Crude oil polluted soils phytoremediation with native grassMasu, Smaranda; Marin, Anca Andreea; Lixandru, Benoni; Popescu, Dumitru; Ciulan, Valentin; Morariu, Florica; Morariu, Sorin
2016Optimization of phytostabilization / phytoremediation of fly ash dumps through natural materialsMasu, Smaranda; Lehr, Carol Blaziu; Pascu, Luoana Florentina; Jurj, Nicoleta Luminita
2013Variation of oil products in contaminated soil cultivated with leguminous speciesMasu, Smaranda; Dragomir, Niculai; Popa, Maria
2013Studies regarding the establishment of perennial plant communities stimulated with biosolids on fly ash dumpsMasu, Smaranda; Nicorescu, Valeria