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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The application of nanostructured materials into AOPs processes for advanced oxidation of priority pollutants from wastewater, FOTOXNitoi, Ines
2017Advanced control solutions of granular sludge biological processes in order to improve the wastewater treatment processIonescu, Ioana
2016Environmental friendly polyelectrolytes based on biopolymers, obtained by induced grafting with electron beam, for improving of quality parameters of surface waters and wastewaterStefanescu, Mihai
2008Advanced Removal of Arsenic Compounds from Aqueous Systems with Complex Pollution Applying Combined Method of Oxidation/Precipitation/Flotation - Tool for Implementation of the Programs for European Legislation Fulfilment in the Frame of Environmental Discharging of Hazardous SubstancesStefanescu, Mihai
2006Researches regarding elaboration of new technology for gold ore processingCosma, Cristiana
2015Impact of heavy metals on the viability of activated sludgeIonescu, Ioana; Tiron, Olga; Bumbac, Costel; Badescu, Valeriu; Cosma, Cristiana
2015Aerobic granular sludge biotechnological solutions for wastewater treatmentBumbac, Costel
2011Evaluation of aerobic granular sludge SBR performancesBumbac, Costel; Dinu, Laurentiu Razvan; Patroescu, Viorel Ion
30-Nov-1982Di:valent sulphur cpd.­ -contaminated waste water and gas purificn. ­ - by contact with inorganic copper, iron and nickel salt catalystCruceru, Mihail; Craiu, Cornel; Toader, Felicia
30-Nov-1981Residual water­ purifying inorganic complex coagulant prepn. ­ by treating serpentine ore with hot sulphuric acid and sepg. and opt. concentrating acid filtrateCocheci, Vasile; Arpad, Eugen; Lorineti, Atila; Burtica, Georgeta; Ilea, Dorina