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Title: Ecological phytostabilization of fly ash dumps with Salix spp. Crop
Authors: Nicorescu, Valeria
Masu, Smaranda
Andres, Ladislau
Popa, Maria
Keywords: Alternative energy sources;Ecological phytostabilization;Fly ash;Salix spp.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology, INCD-ECOIND
In this study, we followed a strategy for vegetation fly ash dumps. For this purpose Salix spp. was used.
This plant was chosen deliberately in order to form, in time, a stable and health ecosystem. The resulting biomass can be used as a renewable energy source. The experiment was performed in situ, in a delimited compartment, from a power plant fly ash dump. Salix spp. cultures were monitored for 18 months on soils fertilized with 25 t/ha sewage sludge anaerobically stabilized. From experimental studies, it was found that the species Salix. spp. developed similar to a culture performed on unpolluted land. In the Salix. spp. burning strains ash, it was found no accumulation of Pb and Cd. Burning Salix spp. ash included Cr, Ni and Cubetween 10 - 30 mg/kg dried matter; Mn and Fe between 178- 313 mg/kg dried matter. Thus, by using species Salix spp. for phytostabilization, fly ash dumps can be made ecological, restoration of ecosystems and landscape and obtaining alternative energy.
International Symposium "The Environment and the Industry", SIMI 2016
ISSN: L : 1843-5831
(on-line): 2457-8371
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