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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Molecular recognition of some compounds of biological interest with functionalized macrocyclic receptorsKim, Lidia
2009Extraction and transport behaviour of aromatic amino acids by modified cyclodextrinKim, Lidia; Stancu, Ana-Delia; Diacu, Elena; Buschmann, Hans-Jurgen; Mutihac, Lucia
2009Extraction behaviour of amino acid esters by functionalised calix[4]arenesHamdi, Abdelwaheb; Souane, Rachid; Kim, Lidia; Abidi, Rym; Mutihac, Lucia; Vicens, Jacques
2011Mass spectrometric behavior of functionalized calix[4]arenes: the screening ability of host–guest complex formation with amino acid methyl estersMedvedovici, Andrei; Albu, Florin; Hamdi, Abdelwaheb; Souane, Rachid; Kim, Lidia; Mutihac, Lucia; Vicens, Jacques
2010Selective membrane transport of amino acids by functionalised calix[4]arenesKim, Lidia; Hamdi, Abdelwaheb; Stancu, Ana Delia; Souane, Rachid; Mutihac, Lucia; Vicens, Jacques
2009The obtaining of high sensitivity and specificity transducer media for sensors specialized in biological toxin detectionPetrea, Nicoleta; Zamora Iordache, Petrisor; Somoghi, Vasile; Savu, Ion; Muresan, Mihaela; Petre, Razvan; Rece, Liliana; Lungu, Rodica Mihaela; Pretorian, Andrada; Mitru, Georgeta; Dionezie, Bojin; Savu, Bogdan; Mutihac, Lucia; Kim, Lidia; Ordeanu, Viorel
2008The coating of n[SiO1.5-(CH2)3(NH2)] ultrathin layers on the surface of Fe3O4 nanoparticles and the analysis of their coating dynamicsZamora Iordache, Petrisor; Somoghi, Vasile; Petrea, Nicoleta; Mitru, Georgeta; Petre, Razvan; Dionezie, Bojin; Ordeanu, Viorel; Kim, Lidia; Mutihac, Lucia
2009Functionalized calix[4]arenes as transporters of biological compoundsKim, Lidia; Iordache Zamora, Petrisor; Hamdi, Abdelwaheb; Biziru, Alexandru; Vicens, Jacques; Mutihac, Lucia
2009Selective membrane transport of amino acids by functionalised calix[4]arenesKim, Lidia; Stancu, Ana Delia; Hamdi, Abdelwaheb; Souane, Rachid; Mutihac, Lucia; Vicens, Jacques
2008Functionalized calixarenes as transporters through liquid membraneStancu, Ana Delia; Kim, Lidia; Iordache Zamora, Petrisor; Mutihac, Lucia