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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The improvement of soil quality by using bio-fertilizers for medical and aromatic plant cropsBira, Adriana; Luntraru, Cristina; Manea, Stefan; Vlasceanu, Gabriela; Zoltán, Marosy
2016A preliminary assessment of the physical-chemical features of water and sediments from different deltaic aquatic systems. Case study: Fortuna lake, Matita lake and Musura bay Danube Delta, RomaniaCatianis, Irina; Pojar, Iulian; Scrieciu, Albert; Grosu, Dumitru; Pavel, Ana Bianca
2016The evaluation of the effects on health and environment posed by the gaseous hydrocarbons from geothermal watersSzollosi-Moţa, Andrei; Lupu, Constantin; Prodan, Maria; Nălboc, Irina; Ghicioi, Emilian
2016Using waste hierarchy concept for optimizing the management of the waste disposal amount and implicitly of the possible ecological riskArama, Madalina Georgeta; Kim, Lidia
2016Cavitational influence on the Bacillus Cereus bacteria and Oscillatoria Brevis cyanobacteriaKoval, Iryna
2016Air biomonitoring using lichensMasu, Smaranda
2016The economics of recycling as premise of circular economy: from govermental support to functional marketsBran, Florina; Ioan, Ildiko; Radulescu, Carmen Valentina
2016Research on determining and reducing noise caused by machinery used for transporting minerals in the open pit type careersTataru, Andreea Cristina; Tataru, Dorin; Stanci, Aurora
2016Sustainable governance for durable development of energy marketsIovitu, Mariana; Bodislav, Dumitru-Alexandru; Petrescu, Dacinia Crina
2016Eco-innovation, a business approach towards sustainable processes, products and servicesSzilagyi, Aida; Churican, Andrei; Verniquet, Anne; Rochat, David