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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Variation of anionic and nonionic surfactants presence in wastewatersMitru, Daniel; Stanescu, Elena; Banciu, Alina Roxana; Nita-Lazar, Mihai
2017Study of bacteria resistance mechanisms in response to a stress induced by pharmaceuticals compoundsMarthe, Logan; Stoica, Catalina; Chiriac, Florentina Laura; Galaon, Toma; Nita-Lazar, Mihai
2017Detection of cytostatic drugs in municipal waste water and their transfer to surface waterGalaon, Toma; Petre, Jana; Iancu, Vasile Ion; Cruceru, Liliana; Niculescu, Marcela; Chiriac, Florentina Laura; Puiu, Diana Maria; Mihalache, Madalina
2017Assessment of water and sediment characteristics of the Northern Danube Delta Lakes - Matita, Babina and Merhei, RomaniaCatianis, Irina; Secrieru, Dan; Scrieciu, Albert; Grosu, Dumitru; Pojar, Iulian; Pavel, Ana Bianca
2017A study of the content in volatile oils and their composition of various aromatic herbs from ecological soilsPopescu, Mariana; Puiu, Diana; Mihalache, Madalina; Bordei, Natalita; Raiciu, Anca Daniela; Cristea, Ionut; Galaon, Toma; Pascu, Luoana Florentina
2017Assessment of the environmental aspects in a city area affected by historical pollutionStanescu, Bogdan; Kim, Lidia; Lehr, Carol; Stanescu, Elena
2017Control of inorganic and organic contamination, assessment of water quality in hydropower lakes on Jiu RiverRadulescu, Victorita
2017Determination of estrogenic steroids in sewage sludge samples from eight domestic wastewater treatment plantsPetre, Jana; Galaon, Toma; Iancu, Vasile Ion; Niculescu, Marcela
2017Chemical characterization of wet depositions in urban and rural areaPetrescu, Mihaela; Bucur, Elena; Diodiu, Raluca; Bratu, Mihai; Serbanescu, Agnes; Barbu, Mona
2017ECOLIB, Library of National R&D Institute for Industrial Ecology, an on-line tool for environmental topics areaVasile, Gabriela; Popescu, Ionut Radu; Iamandi, Theodor; Lidia, Kim; Maxim, Calin; Stoica, Catalina; Ionescu, Ioana; Tiron, Olga; Gheorghe, Stefania; Simion, Marius