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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Environmental risk management based on rough set theory using EMAS relevant recommended indicatorsArama, Madalina; Nicolau, Margareta; Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Lehr, Carol; Criste, Virgil; Anghel, Ana; Guta, Doina
2013Determining the dangerousness of wasteGuta, Doina; Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Cuciureanu, Adriana
2013Rough set theory a promising instrument for diagnosis and prediction including pollution phenomenaArama, Madalina; Nicolau, Margareta; Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Lehr, Carol; Criste, Virgil; Anghel, Ana
2011Reduction of organic compounds content of the wastewater milk industry using composite permselective materialsBatrinescu, Gheorghe; Cuciureanu, Adriana; Birsan, Elena
2011Estimation of risks induced by gaseous emissions from soil / subsoil in areas located near the landfillsStanescu, Bogdan; Petrescu, Marinela; Batrinescu, Gheorghe
2013Investigation of the geological environment in case of the accidental pollution produced with oil products. Case studiesStanescu, Bogdan; Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Kim, Lidia
2016Research works on treatment of ash generated by incinerators in order to diminish their pollution potentialConstantin, Mirela Alina; Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Cristea, Ionut; Badescu, Valeriu Robert
2013Environmental risks induced by the presence of dangerous pollutants in municipal landfills surrounding areasCuciureanu, Adriana; Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Stanescu, Bogdan; Dumitrache, Ramona
2015Environmental risk assessment a practical approach in case of specific activities to locomotives maintenance and exploitationCuciureanu, Adriana; Stanescu, Bogdan; Kim, Lidia; Batrinescu, Gheorghe
2015The adequate management of environmental issues specific to rural communities in romania – premise of natural heritage conservation and of life quality increaseGuta, Doina; Batrinescu, Gheorghe; Lehr, Carol Blaziu