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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Criteria for assessing the quality of energy solid fuels in the context assessment of CO2 emissionsBarbu, Mona; Bucur, Elena; Petrescu, Mihaela; Bratu, Mihai
2015Determination of formic and acetic acids in indoor airDiodiu, Raluca; Bucur, Elena
2016Characterization of the chemical composition of atmospheric depositionPetrescu, Mihaela; Bucur, Elena; Vasile, Andrei; Diodiu, Raluca; Vasile, Gabriela Geanina; Danciulescu, Valeriu; Bratu, Mihai; Tanase, Gheorghita
2013Comparative analysis of methods for monitoring CO2 emissions from the energy sector in the context of climate changeBarbu, Mona; Bucur, Elena; Bratu, Mihai
2013Corrosivity of atmospheres in relation to ambient air qualityVasile, Andrei; Bucur, Elena; Petrescu, Mihaela
2013Biomass waste gasification in order to reduce air pollutionDanciulescu, Valeriu; Vasile, Andrei; Bucur, Elena; Barbu, Mona
2016Solid waste laboratory samples homogeneity influence on analytical determinationBarbu, Mona; Serbanescu, Agnes; Nicolescu, Ileana; Bucur, Elena
2016Emissions of greenhouse gases from the livestock sectorDanciulescu, Valeriu; Bucur, Elena; Bratu, Mihai; Vasile, Andrei; Petrescu, Mihaela; Diodiu, Raluca; Tanase, Gheorghita
2016Correlations between noise level and mechanical vibrations emitted by viboracoustic sourcesBratu, Mihai; Vasile, Ovidiu; Bucur, Elena; Danciulescu, Valeriu; Petrescu, Mihaela
2011Considerations concerning air pollution with pahs of particulate matters from urban areas with intense road trafficBucur, Elena; Nicolescu, Ileana