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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Criteria for assessing the quality of energy solid fuels in the context assessment of CO2 emissionsBarbu, Mona; Bucur, Elena; Petrescu, Mihaela; Bratu, Mihai
2015Assessment of the potential ecological risk with heavy metals in surface s sediments from accumulation lakes on the sector inferior of the Olt RiverIordache, Mihaela; Popescu, Luisa Roxana; Pascu, Luoana Florentina; Iordache, Ioan
2015A new approach for the extraction of organic compounds from different types of contaminated waters and sewage sludgeNiculae, Andrei
2015Improving oil contaminated soil characteristics through the use of combined treatments necessary for phytoremediation technologiesMasu, Smaranda; Morariu, Florica
2015Applying a mixed coagulation agent – Chitosan-polyaluminum chloride - for the treatment of wastewater with petroleum hydrocarbonsMasu, Smaranda
2015Degradation of natural organic matter from surface water using sonolysisStefanescu, Mihai; Cosma, Cristiana; Cristea, Ionut; Ionescu, Ioana; Bumbac, Costel
2015Determination of formic and acetic acids in indoor airDiodiu, Raluca; Bucur, Elena
2013Treatment posibilities of groundwater contamined with organohalogenated solventsAlexie, Mihaela; Niculae, Andrei; Cosma, Cristiana
2013Evaluation of indigenous oligotrophic peat as low-cost sorbent for accidental oil spillsBumbac, Costel; Ionescu, Ioana
2013Advantages of sewage sludge dehydration by geotube methodPlamadeala, Vasile; Rusu, Alexandru; Bulat, Ludmila