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Title: Advanced Removal of Arsenic Compounds from Aqueous Systems with Complex Pollution Applying Combined Method of Oxidation/Precipitation/Flotation - Tool for Implementation of the Programs for European Legislation Fulfilment in the Frame of Environmental Discharging of Hazardous Substances
Authors: Stefanescu, Mihai
Keywords: Arsenic
Wastewater treatment
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: The experiments of oxidation - precipitation/adsorption - flotation/settling led to the followings results:  - the completion of data base in the field;  - the establishment of the effluents pollution matrix (mine waters, wastewater from pesticides fabrication) and drinking water sources;  - the establishment of treatment optimal parameters taking into account pollution context;  - the establishment of optimal treatment flow scheme for wastewater with arsenic compounds content to be within admitted limits;  - the improvement of existent drinking water/wastewater treatment plants. It was elaborated an advanced physical - chemical treatment technology for industrial wastewater (mine water) with arsenic content in order to have final effluents in the frame of discharging admitted limits to natural receivers.
Description: Program NUCLEU PN 06-12.03.03
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