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Title: Adverse effects caused by pyrites and sterile dump from central pond area on environmental factors quality – groundwater and surface water
Authors: Birlica, Ramona 
Stanescu, Elena 
Nicolau, Margareta 
Petrescu, Marinela 
Cuciureanu, Adriana 
Vidrighin, Monica 
Lucaciu, Irina 
Paun, Iuliana 
Keywords: Biotic components;Anthropic influence;Aquatic ecosystems;Waste dump;Groundwater
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: SciBulCom Ltd
The paper presents results of the study on the emission sources based on the analyses of
environment characteristics (underground and surface water) in emplacement and estimation of the
potential effects on the environment. For assessment of the current situation of groundwater and
surface water quality was developed a sampling program and some quality indicators (physico-chemicals, biological and microbiological) were determined: for underground water – 7 control wells in
Central pond neighborhood and 1 in pyrites dumps (near Central pond); for surface water – 4 sections placed on the Racos and Sasar rivers upstream and downstream of pyrite dump near Central
pond. For all samplings, the indicator values of sulfate, iron, manganese, cadmium are higher than
the intervention threshold, and indicate a significant pollution. The pH values in all wells has acid
character. For phytoplankton: the density of phytoplankton on the Sasar river (after confluence with
the Racos river) is lower downstream of pyrite waste dump than the downstream the Racos section.
Zooplankton is more sensitive to toxic action of heavy metals than phytoplankton, and it is absent
in all control sections.
Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology Volume 8 Issue 1
ISSN: 1311-5065
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