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Title: Possibilities for diminishing of pollution environmental impact (soil, water) generated by mine water/waste with heavy metal content
Authors: Nicolau, Margareta
Keywords: Chemical sludge;Wastewater;Heavy metals
Issue Date: 2006
The research activities of the project were focused on identification of possible solutions for optimization of mine wastewater treatment plant, developing of new capacities of treatment/ conditioning - stabilization
of chemical sludge and to establish optimal solutions for the treatment of mine water/wastewater taking into account specific pollution matrix and stabilization/conditioning applied in case studies. Environmental main present problems were identified in case of investigated locations and it were elaborated feasible technical
solutions for removal of majority amount of heavy metal content (11 case studies) based on: neutralization/precipitation with lime in a single step - settling, neutralization/precipitation with lime, calcium
aluminate (sulfates removal) and CO2 (recorrection of pH), passive treatment in two steps (anaerobic wet zone - bed for manganese removal). Possibilities of chemical sludge treatment were considered
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