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Title: Harnessing the purpose of vegetation municipal sludge slag heaps specific plants of meadows
Authors: Nicorescu, Valeria
Keywords: Vegetation;Plant species;Bacterial inoculum
Issue Date: 2014
The slag of vegetation studies with various plant species was performed by comparative analysis of parameters: 1.the germination degree and the percentage of the total dry plants sprung; 2. coverage of sown areas; 3. biometric features of plants in different phenological phases of
development; 4. the fruit yield; 5. The resulting amount of biomass; 6. efficiency to reduce pollutants in experimentally variants cultivation during the vegetative cycle of cultivation; 7. reducing pollutants in contaminated soils fertilized and cultivated; 8. degree of accumulation of metals in different parts of plants: roots, stems and seeds of plants harvested. Developing variants of technological processes of grassing / phytoremediation of the slag and ashes resulting from burning lignite power plants fertilized with different biological sludge in the absence / presence of amendments: volcanic tuff based xlinoptilolit indigenous and / or bacterial inoculum
Program NUCLEU PN 09-13-03.06
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