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Title: Improving treatment processes of surface water and groundwate
Authors: Lupascu, Tudor
Ciobanu, Mihai
Nastac, Raisa
Botan, Victor
Rusu, Vasile
Rusnac, Arcadie
Bivol, Vasile
Keywords: Nistru
Chlorine dioxide
Sodium hipochloride
Carbon adsorbent
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: National Research and Development Institute for Industrial Ecology, INCD-ECOIND
Abstract: The paper presents scientific results related to the establishment of water disinfection processes for Nistru River and highlights their effectiveness, using chlorine dioxide and sodium hypochlorite as disinfectants. It was established that from ecological and economical points of view, the most effective method of disinfection is the use of sodium hypochlorite. New catalysts have been synthesized based on carbon and mineral sorbents. The obtained catalysts were tested as solid supports to remove hydrogen sulfide from groundwater through aeration and oxidation processes. It was established that carbonic adsorbents made from nut shells and peach stones, oxidized and impregnated with ions of Cu2+, Mn2+ and Fe3+ show enhanced properties in the processes of oxidation and adsorption of hydrogen sulfide ions. Among mineral catalysts, the most prominent regarding the oxidation and adsorption capacity of hydrogen sulfide are solid media obtained by intercalation with aluminum oligomers and modified with manganese salts. Effectiveness of carbon adsorbent CAN-8- Mn2+-Fe3+ in the removal of hydrogen sulfide by physical and chemical methods was evaluated by semi-pilot scale studies using real groundwater from Hancesti. It was established that after 20 - 30 min of water treatment, the entire quantity of hydrogen sulfide was removed.
Description: Volume I
International Symposium "The Environment and the Industry" SIMI
ISSN: (on-line)2457-8371
L 1843-5831
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