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Title: Correlations between noise level and pollutants concentration in order to assess the level of air pollution induced by heavy traffic
Authors: Bratu, Mihai 
Keywords: Noise;Air pollution;Heavy traffic;Environmental pollution;Correlations
Issue Date: 2015
Air quality in urban areas with high traffic is the result of interactions that occur between climatic factors features area pollution from traffic and other pollution sources in the area, and the structure of Landscaping area (individual homes, buildings, parks, green spaces, etc.). All these factors were taken into account in developing the methodology for assessing air quality in urban areas with intense traffic. This methodology was the basis for the organization and carrying case studies conducted in three intersections with intense
traffic in the south of Bucharest. Thus were followed: a) identifying the existence of a correlation between noise level and the concentration of NO2, SO2, CO ambient air; b) relationships that may exist between these indicators to estimate the level of air pollution from noise measurements
Program Nucleu PN 09 -13 02 21
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